Contract Management

Integrated flow-based contract management tool for Dynamics 365

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Solution Overview

To compete today, you can't manage the customer lifecycle manually with emails, spreadsheets, and paper — you need digital access to your data. While you might not have complex legal obligations that require a full-blown — and expensive — CLM system, you probably need more contract management capabilities than Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service provides out of the box. This is why we developed a separate, deployable contract management module specifically for mid-size companies.

This plug-and-play solution extends the functionality of D365 for Customer Engagement and provides all the value of a bigger contract management system without the complexity or cost. Its built-in templates and workflows provide a quick and easy way to streamline and automate basic contract management processes, including onboarding new customers, renewals, and more. It is mobile-ready, and it integrates seamlessly with your existing sales and service management system.


Business Outcomes

  • Increased contract visibility & control
  • Decreased sales cycle times
  • Reduced revenue leakage
  • Improved contract renewal rates
  • Increased regulatory compliance
  • Enhanced user adoption & productivity
  • Improved customer experience & satisfaction
  • Reduced admin costs

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