Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

Transform all your customer data into a comprehensive, omnichannel view

personalization dashbaord

Increase personalization

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights provides you with access to comprehensive and unified customer profiles. Data is gathered across multiple sources — from online visits and purchases, to social media responses and external data like census and weather — for a true 360-degree omnichannel view of each customer’s journey.

enrich customer data dashboard

Enrich customer data

Unify customer data across multiple sources to develop enhanced customer profiles using first- and third-party sources. Utilize out-of-the-box connectors or define your own custom AI audience segments and build your own key performance indicators (KPIs) without needing to use code.

ai powered analysis dashboard

AI-powered analysis

Built-in artificial intelligence analyzes customer behavior in real time and identifies patterns and correlations so you can make more informed decisions. AI insights help identify and predict high-value and at-risk customers, discover new customer segments, and promote cross-sell opportunities.

actionable insights dashboard

Actionable insights

Employ the Customer Data Platform (CDP) that easily integrates with your existing system. Out-of-the-box reports model and visualize your data to make it easy to understand at a glance. Further customize reports for a visualization of any point along the customer journey or for a specific customer segment.

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Secure, scalable, and supported

The Azure platform provides machine-learning capabilities that are guaranteed secure and compliant. Retain full ownership of your data with the confidence that D365 Customer Insights will continue to grow and scale with your business.

Why Hitachi Solutions?

As one of the longest-running Microsoft partners, we’re experts in combining our retail and technical experience to enrich your data for a unified vision of your customers. Our dedicated data science team will help you find and cultivate new ways of curating insights, so you can go even further beyond the foundation of Customer Insights.