Dynamics 365 Sales

Build deeper relationships with customers and personalize every interaction with Dynamics 365


Transform the digital sales experience

Make a true digital sales transformation by connecting people and processes through Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales. This powerful cloud-based CRM solution centralizes customer data, improves collaboration, and delivers actionable insights to create a seamless, responsive, personalized customer service and sales experience.


Accelerate sales performance

Get everyone in the organization on the same page by using a single, easy-to-reference dashboard that’s configured exactly for the needs of the sales team. Sell smarter with Office 365 and Dynamics 365 sales insights that reveal customer health, risk, and next best actions. One-click actions and built-in productivity positions your sales team to take swift action on the most important prospects and customers.


Generate prospect and lead insights

Harness the AI power of Dynamics 365 Customer Insights to engage customers in more personalized and effective ways. Actionable insights mean shifting from diagnosing “what happened?” to forecasting “what will happen?” for improved customer retention, engagement, and monetization. Live, prebuilt dashboards and reports from Power BI have drill-through, interactive, and visual capabilities to ensure that actionable insights are easily accessible so sales teams can make better, faster decisions.


Harness automation to streamline the sales process

Dynamics 365 Sales can easily integrate into the Microsoft Power Platform for the creation of flexible, no-code custom applications built to optimize your sales efforts with process sales automation that’s guided and unified. Tailor the pre-built AI to recommend the next best actions to close deals faster. Increase user adoption with rich, context-sensitive support and guidance across the web and mobile apps.


Build stronger, more personalized relationships

Calculate your customer’s relationship health score from omnichannel data representing transactions, customer sentiment, emails, survey content, and more. The insights generated by Dynamics 365 Sales allows your team to have greater transparency on the customer journey with a centralized view of customer interactions brought together from CRM, email, and social networks. Recommendations on strengths and trends of each relationship enable a proactive focus on areas that need extra attention.

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The Data-Driven Sales and Marketing Experience with Dynamics 365 and Hitachi Solutions: Data is the key to turning relationships into revenue. But when data resides in silos, with disconnected tools and processes, it’s impossible to derive meaningful and actionable insights. Dynamics 365 transforms the sales and marketing experience, giving teams the data-driven insights they need to boost productivity, deliver value, and maintain strong customer relationships.

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