D365 Tools

Go further, faster with Dynamics 365 and the cloud

You’ve invested a lot in your custom Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation

Subscribing to our D365 Tools suite is a quick and affordable way to protect that investment against the negative effects of inefficient integrations, constant platform release cycles, and changing business needs.

The D365 Tools suite is a library of prebuilt plug-ins, controls, scripts, and dashboards that:

  • Shortcut costly add-ons and complex integrations
  • Automate software releases and upgrades
  • Simplify rule and code changes

Validated through real-world experience

When applied, D365 Tools streamline and tailor your system for your business, help users do their jobs better and faster, and enhance your D365 environment.

D365 Essential Tools

Prebuilt plug-ins, libraries, and other tools

D365 Essential Tools include prebuilt plug-ins, libraries, and other tools that help you shortcut costly add-ons and complex integrations so your Hitachi Solutions team can quickly deliver a higher-quality, lower-cost business solution.

  • JavaScript Library — A collection of custom classes and functions that greatly simplify the customization of forms in Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Plug-In Library — Quickly deliver CRM that’s customized to your business
  • Effective Grid — A managed tool that enables quick and flexible data entry
  • Effective Pivot — A forecasting UI tool that displays data in an editable grid where each cell is a record instead of each row
  • Package Manager — Have all your Hitachi Solutions IP available in a centralized location from within the D365 environment

D365 Adoption Tools

Success depends on how comfortable your users feel

At the end of the day, the success of your D365 implementation depends on how comfortable your users feel. D365 Adoption Tools include innovative solutions that streamline and simplify the overall user experience, making it more intuitive and easier to use. This helps improve user adoption, productivity, and satisfaction.

  • 360° Tiles — Brings all relevant information associated with a given record into a single view
  • Activity Notes — Offers an advanced notes solution with rich text formatting to quickly tag multiple entities
  • Household Visualization — Provides graphical understanding of contact record relationships in D365
  • Multi-tag — Enables the ability to tag multiple entities to any entity
  • One View Calendar — Allows quick and easy maintenance and monitoring of records through a configurable calendar
  • Personal Notes — Provides the ability to capture private notes on CRM contacts
  • Relationship Hierarchy — Visualizes relationships of different entities

D365 Success Tools

Easily and cost-effectively manage your system yourself

D365 Success Tools give you the power and control to easily and cost-effectively manage your system yourself — without code, consultants, or IT. Not only does this allow you to effortlessly keep pace with technology, it provides even more value on an ongoing basis.

  • Rules Engine — The Rules Engine provides a flexible, easy-to-use automation infrastructure that allows non-developers to quickly build out business logic, evaluate it in action, and make adjustments as needs change. This means you can define your own high-level business rules without complex custom coding

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