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Product overview

The Internet of Things (IoT) has drastically transformed the manufacturing and field service business. With it, companies are no longer limited to managing the maintenance of production assets based on equipment age or usage to stay ahead of costly failures.

Hitachi Solutions IoT Service Hub enables organizations who manage industrial equipment assets to maximize operational efficiency. Delivering autonomous predictive service capabilities, the solution intelligently predicts failures, initiates corrective actions, and facilitates the repair process—all to prevent the failures before they occur.

Our IoT Service Hub solution is a combination of cloud-based software, data science, and integration services that allow organizations responsible for managing industrial equipment assets to transform their maintenance model from repair and replace to predict and prevent.

iot service hub

Business outcomes

  • Increase equipment uptime – Uses machine learning to identify equipment anomalies before failures occur, optimizing productivity, reducing maintenance costs, and increasing operational efficiencies
  • Improve service delivery – Reduces equipment operating costs by transitioning from reactive to predictive maintenance, extending the useful life of equipment and optimizing service personnel
  • Create new service revenue streams – Produces recurring revenue streams by gathering and analyzing data that complements predictive maintenance, and presents opportunities to monetize services
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