4 Key Ingredients for Harnessing AI: Essential To-Dos for Business Leaders Now

At Hitachi Solutions, we are continually leading the charge to make AI initiatives tangible for our customers. To do this, we work closely with business leaders to unpack their prioritizations and data strategies — both of which are critically important to success. I think Microsoft Corporate VP for Azure Data, AI, and Digital Applications Jessica Hawk put it most succinctly in a recent post:

A sound data strategy — how data is collected, stored, managed, analyzed, and used to achieve business goals — is the foundation of any successful AI project. We like to say data operates as the currency of AI, because the real magic and value from any AI technology or intelligent application happens when it’s applied to your own data.”


With this in mind, I wanted to share the top four to-dos we’ve uncovered for navigating the dynamic AI landscape. Keep reading to learn more!

1. Determine Your Data Strategy — The Golden Asset for Your Business Transformation

Data is often referred to as the new gold in the business world. It’s the core of all AI technologies, from generative AI to virtual assistants. However, to fully harness the power of data, businesses need to prioritize data quality and integrity. The data collected today will feed AI initiatives in the future. It’s no longer about just getting real-time insights or better reporting; it’s about preparing for a fully AI-enabled platform.

2. Understand the Democratization of Data

Another critical step is the democratization of data. It’s not just about having quality data, but also about making it available to the right systems and people. This involves investing in platforms and tools that can move data around and create an intelligent salesforce automation platform that can be completely AI-powered in the future.

Microsoft, for example, is investing in and equipping every single application in its ecosystem with AI and generative AI capabilities. Tools like Microsoft Fabric and Copilot are becoming the investment points for businesses looking to democratize their data.

3. Focus on Your People — The Key to a Modern Workforce

A third key element is the human factor. Even the most innovative technologies need human interaction to be effective. Adoption, change management, and training are vital to ensuring these new technologies are used efficiently.

Businesses need to create an environment where workers can leverage these technologies in their daily tasks. This includes implementing responsible and ethical AI policies and empowering the workforce to take advantage of generative AI.

4. Prioritize Data Modernization

In discussions with business decision makers and leaders, the topic of prioritizing data modernization crops up quickly. For AI and generative technologies to be impactful, businesses need to start with their data.

Data modernization involves ensuring data integrity, democratizing data, and focusing on the people aspect of these technologies. Together, these elements can help businesses get the most out of their AI initiatives.

Final Thoughts

AI is undoubtedly a significant driver of transformation in the business world. With the right data and a focus on the human factor, businesses can leverage AI technologies to become faster, more efficient, and ultimately more successful.

While the pace of innovation can be daunting, these insights and strategies can serve as a starting point for business leaders looking to navigate the evolving landscape of AI and data strategy. And as the landscape continues to evolve, these strategies will become the new standard for implementing and delivering software in the business world.

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