Why AI Transformation Begins with Your Data

In every discussion Advisory expert Greg Gant has with business leaders today, the conversation inevitably leads to business modernization for the Era of AI. What advice is he giving, and when does data first enter the discussion? Find out in this week’s episode of Exchanges by Hitachi Solutions.

Key Discussion Points:

  1. Data-Centric AI: Greg emphasizes that data is paramount for AI and related technologies like generative AI and CRM to work efficiently.
  2. Worker Adoption of Generative AI: According to Forrester — 60% of workers will use generative AI by 2024. Is it true for your business?
  3. Practical Uses of AI in Business: How we’re helping customers prioritize practical applications of AI in their processes.
  4. The Necessity for Data Modernization: Prioritizing data modernization comes up early in discussions with business decision-makers, as good data quality directly impacts the efficacy of future AI initiatives.
  5. AI as a Transformation Driver: AI is considered a key factor in digital transformation, but the implementation must balance innovation with the human aspect to ensure adoption and realization of business value.

Final Notes
In this episode we discuss the rapid pace at which AI is being adopted in the workforce and the critical role of data in leveraging AI capabilities. Greg Gant highlights the importance of preparing and training teams to effectively use AI and data-driven technologies as they become increasingly integral to business operations. To learn more, check out our “Finding Your AI Onramp” webinar now on demand.

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