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Hitachi Solutions and Microsoft Power Apps Help Make Barrie Police More Efficient on The Road

FEATURED Customer Story

Barrie Police Service

Check out our case study to read how Hitachi Solutions helped to equip officers with time-saving technology needed to create safer communities

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Barrie Police Service has been serving Ontario, Canada since 1853. Although the times have changed, its goal has remained the same — to provide accountable, responsive, and cost-efficient policing services to the community.

Barrie Police has always invested in innovative ways to improve their services, recognizing the value of technology. So when their officer reporting solution became outdated, they wanted to replace it with a modern, mobile solution that would increase officer efficiency as they work on the road.

Microsoft Power Apps hit the mark. It’s a low-code tool for fast and easy in-house application development. However, Barrie Police didn’t have in-house expertise with the product and turned to Hitachi Solutions to help them create a scalable solution, train app makers and users, and establish security and governance.

Together, we designed and built MORA (Maria’s Officer Reporting App) to automate, streamline, and digitize reporting functionality for Barrie Police officers. It allows them to efficiently log live reports from the field using mobile phones and car computers.

The MORA app saves Barrie Police officers hours on paperwork, increases their productivity on the road, and reduces report approval time. It also improves the quality of the department’s data and reporting and provides valuable insights into incident trends and linkages.

Check out the full case study to get more details — including all the benefits the solution brings, as well as why they call it MORA!