Black History Month | February 2023: Black Resistance


Ancient times.
Days of old.

History implies the past.

But when celebrating the role African Americans have played in U.S. history, it is particularly important that we acknowledge the whole narrative. How the past has impacted and shaped the present for us as a nation, as a people, and as a company.

The theme for Black History Month in 2023 is Black Resistance. Understanding the meaning behind that is crucial. By resisting historic and ongoing oppression in all forms, people of all races are taking the initiative to create space for true equality and equity. 

What is special about Hitachi Solutions is that we don’t just say we care about our people, we genuinely value our distinct differences and advocate for them. So, when Maisha Cerqueda approached leadership about starting a new Employee Resource Group (ERG) for Blacks, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC), she was met with encouragement, enthusiasm, and empowerment.   

“When I began socializing the idea of starting a BIPOC employee resource group, I received support from all levels of the company. Many of those I spoke to stepped into a servant leadership role of some type, ensuring the launch of the group was a strong one. It was refreshing that our executive team viewed this initiative as an opportunity to better the environment for the employees, rather than a criticism, pointing out where we were lacking. It verified for me that Hitachi Solutions was marching towards being the employer of choice in our industry for those to come.”

The mission of the Hitachi Solutions BIPOC employee resource group is to foster professional development, mentorship, networking, and leadership opportunities. To create an environment that focuses on recruitment, retention, and the learning and training of its members. It is through these types of connections and initiatives that enable us to best serve our customers and meet their diverse needs.

Hitachi Solutions believes that through resistance and boundary setting, struggle offers the opportunity for triumph.

Hope. Resiliency. Grit. Strength. Unity. Refuge. Growth. Determination. Equality. Freedom. Diversity.

Join us in recognizing the achievements of Black individuals globally. It is important to acknowledge our many associates that encourage, educate and uplift our company and communities.

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