12 Ways D365 and Copilot Can Increase Productivity & Personalization in the Capital Markets Sector


Transforming the Client Experience

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In the financial world, it’s more important than ever to deliver an efficient, personalized client and employee experience. The term “clients,” however, goes beyond the direct client and includes key collaborators and influencers that are typically part of deals, fundraising, transactions, and ongoing relationship management.

Automation and efficient workflows need to keep up, especially since there is great time sensitivity when it comes to investment decisions, valuations, and the potential for competing bids. Plus, targeted sales and marketing need to help the ROI and productivity of the sales team members, who are typically working with sophisticated and savvy prospects.

Firms in the capital markets sector are expected to operate quickly and efficiently while simultaneously generating revenue and managing a variety of both internal and external relationships. While speed and efficiency are keys to competitiveness, the client experience and seamless collaboration among parties to safely share information is also crucial.

Keep reading to discover all the ways in which Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Sales Copilot can help increase productivity and personalization in the capital markets sector.

12 Ways D365 & Copilot Can Increase Productivity & Personalization

  1. Capture conversations and meeting notes and compile relevant information in a specific format. The technology that powers Dynamics 365 and Sales Copilot makes it easy to capture conversations and meeting summary reports and compile everything in an easy-to-read and easy-to-access format, which saves valuable time for both the producers and consumers of content.
  1. Extract insights and summarize information. Since many complex capital markets’ deal structures often come with comprehensive notes, artificial intelligence can help extract insights and summarize information in an easily digestible and accessible way.
  1. Centralize client data and streamline sales processes. As a comprehensive sales enablement platform, Sales Copilot centralizes client data and streamlines sales processes, enabling teams to access insights, track interactions, and manage leads in one place, all of which saves valuable time and can accelerate revenue generation.
  1. Quickly provide the ability to access insights, track interactions, and manage leads. Sales Copilot provides real-time visibility into sales performance metrics, which empowers sales leaders to monitor team performance, track individual sales goals, and identify opportunities for improvement and support. Finding efficiencies with the support of technology empowers team members to focus more on their clients, which in turn builds deeper relationships and delivers better experiences in a more streamlined, accelerated way.
  1. Summarize email threads. Copilot allows you to summarize lengthy emails by condensing discussions into concise, easily digestible summaries, enabling teams to view key points.
  1. Create email drafts. When writing a new email or replying to a client, Sales Copilot uses artificial intelligence to suggest language, which allows you to move the deal forward without wasting valuable time. You can either choose from predefined responses or enter your own copy. This also helps ensure quality and timeliness of information to enable accurate, compelling, and relevant content for recipients — including clients, prospects, consultants, advisors, influencers, and regulators.
  1. Handle voice transcription. Gain deeper insights into customer relationships by transcribing calls with Copilot, which also allows you to quickly search the transcriptions for the information you need when you need it.  This is especially helpful for research and analysis during the due diligence process, simplifying the process for responding to regulatory inquiries and capturing data for downstream use of AI across sales, marketing, and service.
  1. Analyze the sentiment of recorded calls. AI technology will examine a conversation and identify the general mood of a client, which is helpful for team members so they can proactively capture sales opportunities as well as manage any problems or issues in order to provide an enhanced client experience.
  1. Automatically tag people, dates, action items, products, competitors, etc. Tags allow for easy organization and the ability to quickly find what you’re looking for.
  1. Prepare you for future meetings by generating past meeting notes and action items. Sales Copilot can provide a summary of recent email exchanges or meetings to help you prepare for upcoming meetings. Become informed and build trust and credibility in each conversation, faster.
  1. Provide suggestions on scheduling potential meetings based on historical calendar data. This is similar to product recommendations you may receive from online retailers based on previous shopping experiences. Let’s reduce the burden of admin for all involved.
  1. Provide greater flexibility when it comes to the management of processes. Dynamics 365 and Copilot connect all aspects of your capital markets firm and transform the management process by giving everyone permission-based access to real-time data and the flexibility to adapt to evolving circumstances, enabling you to build stronger customer relationships and make better business decisions.  This helps firms move from siloed and staggered to more informed and instantaneous decision-making.

Discover the Powerful Combination of Microsoft Dynamics 365, Sales Copilot & Hitachi Solutions

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  • Microsoft Sales Copilot, an application that integrates with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams to help automate, simplify, and optimize sales processes to capture, access, and register data automatically. The application, which is compatible with any CRM, also uses generative AI to create content based on client interactions.

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