Key Takeaways from the 5th Annual Advancing Construction Analytics

This year’s Advancing Construction Analytics Summit showcased some of the most promising trends and developments shaping the future of the construction industry. As an industry increasingly leaning towards digitization, construction analytics continues to grow and mature, and this conference was a testament to that evolution. 

1. Integration of Business and Technical Discussions

One of the most noticeable themes at this year’s event was the integration of business and technical discussions, bridging the gap between these typically distinct fields. The most memorable presentations were those that effectively combined both aspects, underscoring the importance of a comprehensive understanding of construction analytics

2. Advent of ‘Data Practice’ and AI in Construction 

Despite the fact that AI remains largely experimental within the industry, most companies in attendance are moving towards building out a ‘data practice’. This signals a shift towards adopting AI, even though readiness for this advancement remains a significant challenge. From our discussions at the event, it was evident that the focus on data quality and the creation of a data culture are amongst the top priorities for construction companies. 

3. Emphasis on Data Governance 

Data governance emerged as a significant theme. Just as standard operating procedures are universal on construction sites, establishing guidelines for the responsible use and management of data is gaining importance. Moreover, data governance has wider implications, including its contribution to IT governance, making it an area of growing interest. 

4. Automation of Workforce Scheduling 

One future trend highlighted at the Summit was the automation of workforce scheduling. This is an area with significant potential for improving jobsite productivity. A number of vendors are developing solutions for this, and it is an area that could see considerable attention in the near future.

5. Rise of the Digital Twin Concept 

The increasing attention to the digital twin concept, particularly amongst owners and those operating buildings, was another key takeaway from the Summit. This trend has the potential to change how we visualize and interact with construction projects, adding another layer to our data-driven approach. 

6. Acceleration of Digital Transformation 

Finally, the trend towards digital transformation was undeniable. Construction companies are being advised to build a culture of innovation, one that experiments with new technologies and has the capacity to quickly move from proof of concept to firm-wide deployment. 

7. Adoption of Microsoft Solutions  

Interestingly, many companies we spoke to at the Summit were already leveraging Microsoft solutions, such as PowerBI, Active Directory, or Dynamics applications. The introduction of Microsoft Fabric and the development of a unified data analytics environment is something we predict will become a major focus over the next year. 

The 5th Annual Advancing Construction Analytics Summit was an invaluable opportunity to grasp the present state and future trends of construction analytics. As we continue to witness the rapid digital transformation of the industry, we eagerly anticipate the innovative developments the next year will bring.