Debunking the Myths About Managed Services

Managed Services is back in style, for good reason. What started in the 90’s as a solution for Break/Fix IT, Managed Services is rapidly re-emerging as an integral solution for companies looking to stay ahead of the curve in adopting and maintaining new technologies. With the rise of digital transformation and “everything-as-a-service,” companies are looking for more cost-effective and efficient ways to structure their IT needs.

Fortunately, Managed Service Providers (MSP’s) have been waiting patiently in the wings for industry and technology to reach an intersection in which their value is undeniable. The Managed Service model is more valuable now than it has ever been.

While companies continue to adopt Managed Services, there remains many antiquated myths that prevent companies from exploring the true benefits that MSP’s currently provide.

We have rebuked a few of the most common arguments against managed services, and provided insights as to why Managed Services is your ideal solution going forward.

“We don’t need it…”

Sometimes companies don’t fully grasp the additional IT services they need to remain functional in today’s market. They often believe they have a complete understanding of their overall needs, and the right programs and people in place to get the job done. Unfortunately, many times their IT structure is outdated and they don’t discover the gap until an issue arises.

In 2019, millennials are expected to outnumber the baby-boomers in the workplace. This interesting mix of workers — some who were raised on business software from the green-screen days to employees who place a premium on up-to-date software for nearly all of their daily tasks. Human nature is resistant to change, but it is vital that you keep your business software updated and your employees trained on how to use it.

Managed Services is an ideal solution for ensuring your business software remains up-to-date. MSP’s handle platform updates, application updates and release management. MSP’s can also plan, schedule, and control software builds through different stages and environments, including testing and deploying software releases.

“Our IT is fine…”

When companies view their IT structure as ‘fine’, it usually means there is a system in place that is reactive, as opposed to proactive. Many companies utilize a system in which “something breaks and then someone fixes it”. In years past, this has been an accepted practice in both practice and budget. But with the resurgence of Managed Services, MSP’s are helping companies realize that ‘fine’ doesn’t cut it in the digital era. Managed Services improve your IT services by:

  • Working to stay ahead of many common issues that arise.
  • Offering predictable IT performance. Many issues are dealt with before they become problems.
  • Preparing for updates, ransomware, business continuity, etc.

Companies who seek growth and relevancy can benefit from a solid Managed Services offering. It allows companies to concentrate on the things that matter. Moving forward with a reputable MSP is helping businesses stay ahead of the curve.

“It is too expensive…”

Which is too expensive? Partnering with an MSP, or not partnering with an MSP and suffering a major IT issue?

Today, companies all over the world are realizing that having a MSP in place outweighs the cost of continuing under their normal IT structure. What many companies are seeing is that MSP’s are not an acquisition of a new service, but rather a partnership to make their current system more efficient and cost effective. The value of an MSP is:

  • Optimizing the ROI of existing applications and delivering a solution that enables targeted business solutions.
  • Delivering a wide range of application management and development support services.
  • Assisting companies in defining application strategies to support their business direction.

Managed Services with Hitachi Solutions

The Hitachi Solutions Managed Services team helps organizations meet the rapidly-changing demands in the midst of Digital Transformation.

Our team is experienced in supporting the entire Microsoft applications system and technologies. We can augment or take the place of an in-house IT team; assisting with patches, bug fixes, and enhancements to increase functionality and add value to your investments in business applications.

Managed Services at Hitachi Solutions enables organizational success through access to continued support and problem-solving by a team of highly skilled professionals. Visit our website to learn more about our MSP, download our practice overview PDF or contact us today.