How Technology ‘Fits’ with Our Customers

A wise man once said…

“The advance of technology is based on making it fit in so that you don’t really even notice it, so it’s part of everyday life.” — Bill Gates

April 22 is National IT Service Provider Day. Hitachi Solutions applauds all of the hard-working professionals who make technology “fit in!”

When you begin to think about who relies on technology, the list is, as Buzz Lightyear states – “to infinity and beyond.” In other words, there is almost nothing that technology doesn’t touch. Lives depend on it. Businesses thrive on it. And our world rotates around and drives forward on it.

So how do we — Hitachi Solutions — fit in? Let us count the ways!

We innovate.

We build.

We integrate.

We solve.

We manage.

Through our talented people, innovative culture, and technical and business expertise, Hitachi Solutions is that forever, global systems integration partner that unlocks our customers’ potential. We deliver and manage end-to-end solutions that transform and empower businesses for a sustainable future. And we strive to support the end-to-end customer journey through continuous solution maintenance, improvement, and evolution.

But don’t take our word for it! You can read one (or two or ten!) of our many customer stories that describe different inspiring journeys that have digitally transformed companies for the better! For example…

  • Ride alongside Hitachi Solutions Managed Services as we extend the capabilities and expertise of Okuma America’s small IT team and ensure they can be responsive to users and maximize the benefits of their new Microsoft Dynamics 365 enterprise solution. ​
  • Follow the Hitachi Solutions team as they worked to build an end-to-end solution that helped to solve Ansell’s quest to scale and modernize product innovation in the manufacturing and healthcare industries.
  • Or for topics of choice, check out more customer stories on the insights section of our website

It’s no wonder April 22 is dedicated each year to celebrating IT service providers. In today’s modern society, a lot of us would stumble far more often without them. And because Hitachi Solutions has been delivering innovative solutions to organizations for nearly 20 years, it is that much more important that we recognize the individuals that help make our customers’ everyday lives easier.