Maximize Your Business Modernization: The Game-Changing Partnership of Staffing and Technology Consultants

One of the most common challenges we run into with customers during their modernization journey is a sudden realization they aren’t equipped with the staffing to meet the length of demands of the project.

Or sometimes, our customers don’t realize they lack the expertise or manpower inhouse to manage the long-term change management after their solution has gone live. Or sometimes they have a complex tech stack that involves multiple enterprise systems and they need more manpower to manage them and keep them on track during our portion of a project.

I could go on with more scenarios, but you get the idea. Staffing is at the heart of a successful modernization, and it’s an often-overlooked element of these large, complex undertakings. It’s the reason we’ve recently partnered with leading agencies to ensure our customers have the right staffing to remove risk in areas that could delay project starts, add risks to projects, or create hurdle in project.

As businesses evolve, organizations must embrace new technology strategies to stay competitive and maintain their growth trajectory. For many companies, partnering with technology consultants like Hitachi Solutions can provide useful guidance on digital transformation. However, supplementing the expertise of these consultants with full-time, temporary, contract, or contract-to-hire staff can yield even better results in terms of cost efficiency, flexibility, and project success.

There is are a wealth of benefits to hiring additional staff, either temporary or contract-based, alongside technology consulting partners to maximize your return on investment.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Leveraging a top-level staffing agency can bring flexibility to your workforce, enabling you to respond quickly to fluctuations in the project scope or workload. We specialize in Microsoft technology, in areas like data platforms, real-time business intelligence, and AI, but staffing allows you to fill any skill gaps across different technology sectors, whether it’s a temporary or full-time employee. This adaptability ensures that your team is optimally configured to tackle specific project needs.

Temporary and contract workers also offer businesses an opportunity to test their skills and assess their fit within the organization, reducing the risk of hiring mistakes. This flexibility enables you to hire the right people with the right expertise at the right time for your technology projects.

Access to a Diverse Skill Sets

Technology projects often require a diverse set of skills and expertise, which is where staffing agencies can find you the right fits, even if they’re very niche. Our Talent Solutions partnerships can help find specialists with a unique blend of experiences to complement the expertise of technology consulting firms like Hitachi Solutions, leading to more exceptional innovation and problem-solving capabilities. By tapping into the diverse skill set, businesses can generate fresh insights, ideas, and perspectives that contribute to the success of technology projects.

Faster Response to Market Trends

Rapid onset of new challenges or opportunities can prompt businesses to pivot or adapt their technology strategies. Using one of our partner staffing agencies offers a quick solution for companies to keep up with emerging trends or address unforeseen project requirements – crucial when working with technology consulting firms that may have devised a strategy based on the initial project scope.

In the case of bringing on temporary or contract talent, you’ll have the ability to onboard them quickly and better react to market trends, seize new opportunities, or mitigate risks – optimizing technology projects while staying competitive in the process.

Enhance Collaboration and Learning

Working with technology consultants like Hitachi Solutions provides an opportunity for companies to learn from industry experts, but adding temporary and contract staff into the mix can promote collaboration and knowledge sharing even further. By working with a diverse team, your employees can develop new skills and expand their expertise, ultimately improving their productivity and value to your organization.

The experience of working with external teams, engaging with new stakeholders, and adapting to different work styles can be a valuable learning opportunity for your in-house staff, too, and create a more well-rounded and versatile employee base.


One of the most significant benefits of hiring temporary or contract staff is cost savings. Unlike full-time employees, you only need to pay temp workers and contractors for the duration of a project and scale as needed. This in turn ensures you’re not incurring costs related to underutilized or idle workers.

Reduced Managerial Burden

Hiring temporary, full-time, or contract staff alongside technology consulting partners can help reduce the managerial burden on your internal team. With the consultants providing technical expertise and project management support, your in-house managers can focus on their core responsibilities without being overwhelmed by project demands.

Temporary and contract staff, on the other hand, are usually experienced in quickly adapting to new work environments, requiring minimal supervision while reducing the time spent onboarding and training. This frees up your managers to prioritize strategic decision-making, ensuring your technology projects remain aligned with your organization’s objectives.

Maximize Project Success  

Combining the knowledge and experience of technology consultants like Hitachi Solutions, with the flexibility and diverse skill set Talent Solutions can provide, significantly increases your project’s chances of success. This collaborative approach allows you to address project challenges effectively, reduce risk, and ensure that your technology projects are completed on time and in budget.

I invite you to learn more about our Talent Solutions offering, and how you can leverage our staffing partnerships to optimize your resources, stay competitive, and maximize the return on investment for your technology initiatives.