Exchanges Podcast: Microsoft Fabric Use Cases from Hitachi Solutions Technology Insiders 


Building the Case for Microsoft Fabric

We grabbed some time with Hitachi Solutions data experts to unpack Microsoft Fabric and how it will impact your modern data platform. 

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Microsoft Fabric is officially here, but around Hitachi Solutions, it’s not so new. That’s because, for the last 18 months, we’ve been working alongside Microsoft, testing, giving feedback, and becoming early experts in Fabric before it was ever available in public preview. 

For those not familiar, Microsoft announced its latest data platform called Microsoft Fabric, built to make data access and insights more easily accessible and integrated. 

Fabric will be an end-to-end data and analytics platform, based on updated versions of existing tools, delivering a unified architecture, security, and data-sharing experience in the form of Software as a Service (SaaS).  

As exciting as new technologies can be, the real magic is bringing business use cases and results to life. And because our team is so familiar with Fabric, we have some excellent stories and insights to share. 

In this episode of Exchanges, Hitachi Solutions Advisory Expert, Dave Horstein, walks through the business use case for Microsoft Fabric with Chief Technology Officer, Luke McGrath, and Vice President of New Product Development, Don Scott, who oversees the Hitachi Solutions Empower Data Platform. They talk about what Fabric means for your enterprise, and how Hitachi Solutions is ready to help our customers surface the value of the technology today.