Expert Thoughts on Getting More Value from Value-Based Care

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5 Steps to Get Provider Data Ready for Value-Based Healthcare

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For nearly two decades, the healthcare system has seen a slow but steady shift to value-based models. In fact, this market is expected to reach a valuation of US$ 20.5 billion by 2033. And, according to the American Academy of Family Physicians, 50% of doctors are now participating in some sort of value-based care program.

Despite these promising statistics, healthcare payers and providers haven’t been able to maximize the benefits of this model. Why? In short, data. While data is the key to elevating the patient experience and powering value-based healthcare programs, the sheer volume can be overwhelming for many organizations.

To help healthcare providers better understand how to manage and leverage their data to get more from their value-based initiatives, we recently spoke to industry experts Leah Bowling and Sam Robinson. Both on the leading edge of healthcare technology, they were able to impart some great insights on:

  • The maturity and benefits of value-based healthcare programs
  • How to tackle and solve modern data challenges with automation and analytics, the cloud, and other digital tools
  • How to develop a plan of action and a clear roadmap for achieving your value-based goals and outcomes

You’ll want to listen to ― or read ― the entire conversation to get all the details and depth they go into around this popular topic. Just click here to view or download Expert Advice on Building Towards Value-Based Healthcare by Taming Provider Data.

Ready to Tame Your Data?

Whether you are already on the path to value-based care or are just starting your journey, there are many considerations and complexities. Working with an experienced and knowledgeable partner, who has the industry, processes, and technology expertise, is critical to successfully meeting your value-based healthcare goals.

At Hitachi Solutions, helping our customers re-imagine their data to elevate the customer experience is one of the core focus areas of our business. And, as value-based services and programs continue to evolve in exciting new directions, we are willing and ready to help our healthcare customers take advantage of them.

If you have questions about anything our experts have discussed or would like to chat about your healthcare initiatives, please reach out today.