Meeting Customers Where They Are in our New Fiscal Year


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It’s a new fiscal year for us at Hitachi Solutions!

As we lean into FY2023, we’re renewing our focus on driving digital transformation to improve the business lives of our customers. And at Hitachi Solutions, we want to meet our customers where they are.

It can be confusing to know where to start, what to concentrate on, or how to prioritize in light of current economic headwinds. And transformation involves more than just technology – it also requires strategic vision and a company culture to support the change. On top of that, companies need to approach digital initiatives at a pace that fits their organizational needs.

This year at Hitachi Solutions, we’re leaning in even more to helping our customers find that focus, crystalize their business problems, and drive projects where the value is clear, actionable, and immediate.

Reducing costs and complexity

We remain committed to finding ways to maximize customers’ digital investments so they can stay ahead of competitors and keep pace with industry expectations. Our eyes will be on technologies and innovations that can help them move quickly and cost-effectively.

We identify the areas where improvement is poised to deliver the greatest uptick, so you can invest strategically now.

One of these ways is through the use of low code through the Microsoft Power Platform. Low-code/no-code tools are rapidly becoming a priority for every organization’s digital capability. With Power Platform, we are helping companies rapidly drive productivity gains when it’s never been more important. And we’re innovating to make it even easier for teams of professional and citizen developers to automate workflows, create apps, build virtual agents, and analyze data. At Hitachi Solutions, our technology professionals are Power Platform experts and have the industry-specific knowledge to create truly valuable low-code deployments. We are incredibly proud to continue on this path of co-innovation with our customers large and small.

We recently worked hand-in-hand with the Barrie Ontario Police to develop a low code solution that reduces the time spent on paperwork; increases their efficiency, productivity, and agility on the road; and reduces report approvals to just hours. Hitachi Solutions helped Barrie Police gain valuable skills and knowledge around Microsoft Power Platform and citizen development. Now anyone on their team can make feature enhancements to their Power Platform solution, as well as build new apps for modernizing other processes. You can read more about how Hitachi Solutions helped the Barrie Police here.

It’s still about the data

We’ve put our data technologies, applications and resources together in ways that provide quick outcomes and continuous agility for future growth.

From best-in-class databases and analytics to governance and security, all things data continue to drive digital transformation initiatives across companies large and small. Our broad array of solutions— from unified modern Azure-based data platforms to turnkey SaaS-based models that reduce development and capital costs— can help every organization turn data into predictive and analytical power.

Most companies aren’t aware of the types of analytics they can use to make money or save money. Building this awareness for our customers is critical so the ROI is clear. “Businesses want to know how they are going to make money or save money based on a data investment,” said Don Scott, Hitachi Solutions Vice President of New Product Development. “We can identify the most efficient pathway to doing so.”

For one Hitachi Solutions’ customer, Ansell, the savings from a modernized data architecture solution are clear. The company is now able to monitor manufacturing plant capacity and inventory data in near real-time, so everyone who needs it has access to the performance data. You can read more about the transformative Ansell engagement here.

AI innovation

We couldn’t begin a new fiscal year without touching on the buzz around amazing artificial intelligence models like GPT, and generative AI technologies that have the potential to transform the way our customers do business. In FY2023, we are committed to continuing to stay on top of ways our customers can harness the power of AI.

“With Hitachi Solutions’ combination of AI experience, industry expertise, and depth of technical knowledge across all the Microsoft products and platforms, I can’t think of an organization that is better positioned to take advantage of the advancements and investments that Microsoft is making in this space,” said Luke McGrath, Hitachi Solutions Chief Technology Officer.

Our experts are constantly working with our customers to understand their needs and identify how AI and data solutions can help them achieve their goals. We are committed to ensuring that solutions are grounded in solving real-world business problems and that the underlying foundations are in place for long-term, sustainable growth, McGrath said in a recent thought leadership article where he distilled the AI landscape.  

It’s clear that when done right, AI will enable organizations of all stripes and sizes to optimize marketing, sales, operations, and customer experience. If there’s any doubt, just ask your competitors: According to IDC, worldwide spending by governments and businesses on AI technology will top $154 billion in 2023.

Hitachi Solutions and Microsoft

At the heart of our approach is, and will always be, our deep expertise as a Microsoft trusted partner. We’ve built our business on the foundation of their innovative products and services, and as we move forward, we will continue to leverage that relationship to help our clients realize true business outcomes.

The pace of technological advancement will continue at high speed, and as a dedicated partner, Hitachi Solutions is well positioned. With early access to evolving Microsoft products and technologies— we have exclusive insight into what’s needed to build solutions that meet the unique needs of our customers.

The proof is in the pudding, as they say. We’ve achieved all six Microsoft partner designations based on factors like performance, skilling, and customer success. On top of that, we are constantly expanding our number of specialization awards that validate our ability to deliver high-fidelity services in specific solution areas.  Every day we are supporting customers with their Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Azure initiatives.

How can we help you?

From fiscal year to fiscal year, our dedication to becoming our customers’ partner for life, and our strong Microsoft alliance will only strengthen. This mindset has served us well through the historic changes of the past few years, and continues to sustain our practices every day. 

Check us out for yourself. Learn more about our company at About Us | Hitachi Solutions and follow us on LinkedIn. Then, we’d love to chat about your challenges in 2023 and how we can assist. Contact us today!