Supporting Our Colleagues and the People of Ukraine


Our Konsei Culture of Diversity and Inclusion

Culture of diversity and inclusion is growing at Hitachi Solutions and includes new employee resource groups to increase awareness, create a more equitable environment, and build a more diverse workforce

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Watching world events unfold, I’m shocked and saddened. We have over 7,000 fellow Hitachi Group team members in Ukraine and a small group that supports Hitachi Solutions directly. Three weeks ago, this team was writing code for our customers, today many are considering taking up arms to fight for their country. We stand with our colleagues and the people of Ukraine and pray for peace and stability to return soon.

I hope to never have to experience what’s happening in Ukraine, but I’m thankful to know that the Hitachi Group is doing everything it can for team members there. They have a crisis management program in place to help people evacuate, and have also set up a task force to monitor the situation and communicate and support affected Hitachians and their families.

Beyond ensuring the safety and health of its employees, Hitachi Group is assisting the Ukrainian people directly by donating approximately US $3 million in humanitarian aid. The company is also matching employee donations to select charities, maximizing the relief efforts of global staff members.

A recent memo from Hitachi Group leadership stated, “Hitachi has nurtured the Spirit of Harmony in its over 110-year history to work together to overcome hardships. Now is the time for us to demonstrate this.” These words ring so true right now and really resonate with me.

I’m proud and humbled to be part of a global company that is so committed to protecting its employees in the face of disaster — whether natural or man-made — and who supports the people of the world who are in crisis by uniting the efforts of its global employees and companies.

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