5 Questions on Technology and Human Experience for Advisory Expert Jason Ruud


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Digital change without adoption is not going to provide the ROI you’re looking for. It’s quite possible to have digital success, but business failure. The reason? Digital change impacts people and how they do their job. In short, it directly impacts the human experience. To learn more on how to manage meaningful digital change, download our eBook now. 

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Q: How do we first engage with our customers on Human Experience?

A: Customers who come to us typically have a solution in mind, but they might not truly understand their business problem. It’s our job to help them navigate that and create alignment within their team; confirm we’re addressing the right business problem at the right time for them. We want to understand exactly where it lands as a whole with their people in their digital experience and provide the most elegant answer we can for them.

Q: What differentiates us from other Microsoft partners?

A: It is our goal to understand the problem. Human Experience is involved in everything we do at Hitachi Solutions to drive a better customer experience overall. That’s a unique differentiator for us. We all want to build things that change people’s lives, truly help people be more productive, lower stress, and create a more enjoyable experience at work overall.

Q: How do you define “Experience-led problems” for our customers?

A: Through technology, we solve business problems in a way that is best for the end-user. This in turn increases the use of the solution, maximizing a business’ investment return. Everybody wins!

Q: Do we address sustainability through our human experience practice?

A: Sustainability factors into the root of what we do through human experience. UX in general is inherently empathetic and diverse. When we’re trying to learn about a problem, we want to learn about it from every angle possible. We’re going to learn how folks are impacted. Sustainability and DEI go hand in hand with UX.

Q: What are some ways we work through common success barriers for implementing technology throughout an organization?

A: Hitachi Solutions’ design sprint approach pulls out the most critical “people” impact areas for our customers. We’re the experience team—on the line and off the line. Through experience mapping and problem framing, we work to understand from the user perspective how the business issue is being solved, who it touches, and how they’re going to use that solution. This serves as a foundation for all the software we build.

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