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Companies will collaborate to offer clients accelerated, cost effective integration of business telephony and Microsoft Dynamics 365 systems  

IRVINE, Calif. and Austin, Texas — September 28, 2021 — Hitachi Solutions America, Ltd., a leading provider of global industry solutions powered by Microsoft cloud services, and Tenfold, the world’s leading advanced computer telephony integration (CTI) company, are pleased to announce they have entered into a strategic partnership. The alliance gives both companies the ability to better meet the core need of Microsoft Dynamics 365 clients to connect their phone/voice and CRM systems to drive productivity and improve customer experience.

As competition and customer demands grow, companies continue to look for ways to elevate customer experience across all channels. Connecting telephony systems with CRM is an ideal way to ease and speed data access, streamline workflows, and arm sales and service personnel with the tools they need to deliver more personalized and relevant customer interactions.

Hitachi Solutions has been designing and delivering Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions for more than 15 years. As these systems ― and the data they house ― have become increasingly vital to organizations, basic connectivity to customer contact and call centers is now a requirement for most CRM implementations. Through the strategic partnership with Tenfold, Hitachi Solutions is now able to quickly and cost-effectively meet this expectation with next generation, plug-and-play functionality ― no customization necessary.

“Linking service centers to CRM is no longer just a competitive differentiator for our clients, it’s mission critical to their success. While we have always been able to provide this capability, it was only through custom development ― which tends to add time, expense, and risk to a project,” said Christopher Small, vice president, customer engagement at Hitachi Solutions America. “Now that we are collaborating with CTI expert Tenfold, and have access to their extensive resources, not only are we able to more credibly guide and advise our clients around their communications integration initiatives, we can offer deeper expertise and support in the voice channel – something that is vital to the modern customer experience.”

Tenfold’s real-time cloud integration layer provides productized and repeatable integrations between top telephony and voice technology and Microsoft Dynamics 365. The CTI solution automates data capture and workflow for sales and service teams, while ensuring they have a relevant real-time view of their customers and prospects when they need it most ― at the moment of interaction.

“Hitachi Solutions is the go-to partner for Microsoft Dynamics 365, bringing deep industry and technology expertise to every implementation. We’re excited to work with them to amplify their knowledge and capabilities around CTI integration and increase our mutual clients’ ability to provide more personalized, proactive, and successful customer and sales engagements,” said Dan Sincavage, co-founder and chief operating officer at Tenfold.

By seamlessly integrating business telephony systems inside Microsoft Dynamics 365, Hitachi Solutions and Tenfold eliminate the barriers most companies struggle with when it comes to providing a great customer experience ― disconnected systems, data silos, and inefficient processes. Other service-related benefits include:

  • Complete visibility of every call – know who is calling and why
  • Streamlined workflow and maximized employee productivity
  • Improved call efficiency and optimized customer interactions

Beyond helping to keep customer service and contact centers on point, CTI/CRM integration also helps automate the sales cycle. It allows sales reps to call leads and customers directly from Dynamics 365, match incoming calls to existing contact records automatically, and log and save call activities for reporting purposes.

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