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Why Choosing the Right Managed Services Provider is About People and Partnerships

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Delaware Valley ACO Leverages Azure and Hitachi Solutions to Modernize Data Management

Read how DVACO upgraded and migrated its data estate to Azure and then utilized Hitachi Solutions Managed Services to ensure the new environment remained secure and reliable.

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It’s never been more important to choose the right managed services provider (MSP). Why? With the pace of technology moving so fast, and other external curve balls constantly being thrown at you, it’s critical to have a partner who is agile and able to respond quickly to your IT needs, whatever they are.

In years past, companies managed operations in-house, only bringing in a third party when they needed to fix something that was broken. The cost was one of the biggest factors in who to hire. However, as technology has become more advanced and IT resources have shrunk, more and more companies are looking to outside vendors to extend their teams and help with day-to-day tasks such as monitoring and security.

So instead of just looking for the least expensive option, you have to think about flexibility, scalability, scope, and even culture. In today’s dynamic world, it is wiser — and more efficient and cost-effective — to hire for the long-term.     

Take for example Delaware Valley ACO (DVACO). When the Great Resignation (yes, it’s real) hit them hard and left them short-handed, managed services partner Hitachi Solutions was able to seamlessly step in and provide the skilled resources needed to fill the gap. What could have been a devastating loss for the company was avoided because they had developed a trusted, partner-for-life relationship with Hitachi Solutions.

Building Trust at DVACO 

DVACO, a large Medicare accountable care organization in the U.S. Northeast, initially worked with Hitachi Solutions as a Microsoft systems integrator to modernize its on-prem data infrastructure and migrate to the Azure cloud. The goal was to securely separate operations from its parent company, as well as speed and automate processes and implement an analytics strategy.

Selected for our experience and Microsoft expertise, we helped them successfully meet their business transformation goals and made them more productive and efficient. Over the course of the project, we were able to forge a comfortable working relationship with them based on our knowledge, professionalism, and commitment to excellence.

In fact, the implementation team made such a good impression on DVACO that when they went looking for an MSP to help ensure security, compliance, and performance of the new data estate, they wanted Hitachi Solutions. The trusted bond that had been established during the original project made it a natural progression for them.

Also, knowing the same people who had built their environment from the ground up were managing their servers, applications, and services, provided instant peace of mind for DVACO.

Through the managed services relationship, we became an extension of the DVACO team, expanding their resources and capabilities. We were trusted to do the heavy lifting of day-to-day network security and monitoring. We were also considered knowledgeable experts who were on-hand to help solve any technical issues that arise — planned or unplanned.

Leveraging the Value of a Long-Term Partnership

Fast forward and the Great Resignation, spurred by pandemic burnout, is hitting the tech sector hard. DVACO, like many other companies today, was suddenly facing the vacancy of key IT staff members and needed help asap to ensure system and data integrity.

This is where having a long-term, trusted, working partnership with the right MSP really pays off. Because of the history we had with the DVACO solution and team, and our flexibility and scalability, we were able to jump in to help right away — without missing a beat.

We seamlessly embedded dedicated resources into DVACO’s DevOps and DB build/QA/release processes. No ramp-up or knowledge transfer was required. We were also able to handle projects that hadn’t been implemented by the departing employees before they left.

We are glad we were able to respond to DVACO’s changing needs so quickly and to help ensure their data environment remains supported and secure while they look to fill the gap. We were able to save the day because:

  • We had built the solution for them originally and truly understood their business and what they needed to be successful
  • Many of the same people had worked collaboratively with them for a long time, providing trust, familiarity, and continuity of support
  • Working with them day in and day out, we established a reputation for reliability, responsiveness, teamwork, and value-added expertise

Relationship Goals — Trusted Advisor for Life

At Hitachi Solutions, we always strive to be our customers’ trusted advisor for life. What we did at DVACO validates we are doing a lot of things right!

But it’s not just at DVACO. We’ve also established the same type of trusted life-long partnerships with other managed services customers such as Okuma and ADW Diabetes, to name a few. And we’ve been able to go above and beyond for them as well. Take a look at the case studies we’ve done to learn how.

If you are looking to reap the benefits of a trusted, long-term MSP relationship, take a note from us and DVACO. Choose wisely and look for MSPs who:

  • Are experienced experts that remain at the forefront of innovation with certifications, advanced specializations, and on-going training
  • Provide flexibility and scalability, and can adjust as your needs change
  • Offer end-to-end coverage, an extensive resource network, and global support
  • Are dedicated to problem-solving, responsiveness, and service excellence

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Now more than ever, companies need trusted MSPs who provide expertise, knowledge, guidance, and seamless support. Reach out to us if you’d like to learn more about our comprehensive managed services programs.