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Your modern analytics estate runs on the power and quality of your data. To leverage emerging technologies like generative AI, you must first realize the capability of the cloud.

We work with you to determine the best approach — and part of that is gathering disparate data to create a full picture of your enterprise. Deriving intelligence from understanding what’s in your data begins with data science.

Vast amounts of data. Disparate. Siloed. All the things that keep you up at night are what keep our data science team going during the day. And today at Hitachi Solutions, our experts are working to lift business intelligence from your data faster than ever.

Gain a Better Understanding of Your Customers


time reduction in data acquisition, swiftly providing actionable insights.


of data and analytics technology decision-makers are adopting AI.


of D&A leaders experience value from their AI projects.

Data Science delivers significant value to your enterprise by swiftly providing actionable insights, reducing data acquisition time by over 90%, and employing a scientific methodology to utilize your entire data spectrum, from historical to future data. It empowers predictive analytics that curtail time to market and operational costs, while enhancing the reliability of your business systems and data.

Moreover, Data Science fosters a more profound understanding of your customers through effective tracking and forecasting. As per Forrester’s 2022 Data and Analytics Survey, 73% of technology decision-makers are adopting Generative AI, with 74% experiencing value from their projects. Therefore, AI Systems built on contemporary data science practices are proven value creators. The advantages of Data Science extend to self-service capabilities for your employees, democratizing enterprise data, and fostering informed decision-making for everyone all the time.

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We are scrappy scientists who love to solve customer problems and invent innovative solutions. From a commercial pilot to a celebrated visual artist to an expert in phytoplankton taxonomy, our diverse team includes PhD data scientists who bring innovation, experience, and perspective to every challenge. Our main goal is to build up our customers’ analytics capabilities so they can harness the power of their data.

Fred Heller
Senior Director, Data Science and Machine Learning

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Looking to identify and prioritize organizational goals? Wondering how AI can help your business? Seeking to better understand your customers? Want to minimize risk? Whatever your objective, we can help you choose a starting point, determine your key performance indicators (KPIs), and establish a go forward strategy.

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