Customer Data Platform for CPG

Capture new growth opportunities and create memorable consumer experiences with a customer data platform

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What is a CDP?

Keeping pace with changing consumers needs and expectations can be a challenge for even the most consumer-savvy CPG firm — but it’s made significantly easier by investing in a customer data platform (CDP). A CDP is a customer data management system that provides a persistent, unified database. CDPs enhance many of the existing benefits offered by customer relationship management systems, enabling CPG sales and marketing teams to store, analyze, and extract information from both structured and unstructured data.

In doing so, customer data platforms help CPG brands create hyper-personalized advertising and marketing campaigns and memorable consumer experiences using first-party data — a must for firms looking to expand into the direct-to-consumer market.

Building a business case for CPG Customer Data Platforms

In order to unlock granular insights that enable them to better understand consumer demands and expectations, contextualize trends in the CPG marketplace, develop new products that meet consumer needs, and capitalize on growth opportunities, CPG firms require a CDP capable of:

  • Automatically building out detailed consumer profiles for more granular segmentation and behavioral analysis
  • Ingesting data from numerous sources to provide a 360-degree view of consumers across all channels and touch points
  • Reducing their reliance on retailers for access to consumer data by leveraging first-party data sources and ensuring data accuracy
  • Empowering them to tap into new markets by developing direct-to-consumer channels
  • Helping them develop more personalized and targeted experiences, product recommendations, cross-channel marketing campaigns, customer service, and more
  • Enabling them to gain a greater understanding of how end consumers shop in order to optimize customer journey orchestration
  • Supporting them in efforts to deliver consistent (and seamless) brand experiences across in-person and digital channels and touchpoints
  • Unlocking insights that help enhance consumer satisfaction, secure long-term loyalty, and grow their revenue and profits by increasing each consumer’s lifetime value

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