Order Management Suite

Build stronger B2B and B2C relationships by delivering a unique customer experience

The internet has transformed the way we do business. It has expanded sales reach, improved customer service, and decreased business costs. But to give customers the personalized experience they expect — and to get the most business value from an online presence—retailers need to take their ecommerce system to the next level.

Hitachi Solutions Order Management Suite (OMS) is a modern, end-to-end ecommerce solution that is optimized for B2B and B2C sales and customer service. Built on the Microsoft stack, it works seamlessly with the Microsoft cloud and your other business applications to provide a robust online sales channel that is quick and easy to implement, plays to your customer’s interests, and delivers a consistent customer-focused experience.

Business Outcomes

  • Expand your customer reach
  • Build stronger customer relationships
  • Personalize the customer journey
  • Improve customer service and retention
  • Simplify back-office functions and reduce costs
  • Gain insight into sales data and customer needs
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B2B Ecommerce

Built with manufacturers and distributors in mind

To take advantage of market growth, be more competitive, and attract more customers in today’s digital world, you must establish a robust online sales presence. Hitachi Solutions provides a responsive B2B ecommerce channel that helps you make that digital transformation and expand your customer reach.

Easy and fast to implement, our B2B order management solution is designed specifically for manufacturers and distributors. Web-based, it provides full online capabilities for your complex B2B processes from one convenient dashboard.

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B2C Ecommerce

Designed to provide a true omnichannel experience

Retail ecommerce sales is growing exponentially—you can’t afford to miss out. Our B2C order management solution provides an end-to-end, responsive omnichannel presence that allows you to take full advantage of the growing ecommerce market and increase online revenue.

B2C order management is designed to seamlessly sync with your Microsoft Dynamics and cloud business applications. This tight integration enables you to tailor the online experience to each customer’s specifications, reduce data duplication, speed transaction processing, and provide a unified global view of real-time data and activities.

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Order Entry

Fast, agile order processing

The order entry module automates and speeds the order entry process. It provides a centralized order platform that links to your existing business systems from mobile devices for fast, cost-effective fulfillment and improved customer service.

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Customer Portal

Empower users with self-service

B2B customers expect their online experience to be as easy and personalized as when they shop on a consumer website. The customer portal allows you to give your customers the convenience and consistency they crave with self-service.

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Payment Service

Simple and secure internet payment processing

The payment service solution provides a simpler, more efficient way to manage online payments — whether using B2B or B2C OMS. It alleviates the complexity of integrating electronic payment support by providing intuitive Web Service APIs for handling credit cards, PayPal, eCheck, and transactions via Wallets such as Amazon Pay.

Payment service connects all payment channels using a centralized cloud-hosted solution and acts as an intermediary between a merchant’s existing systems, gateways, and back-office systems, accepts payments, and securely connects the data across all platforms, websites, and applications.