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Current CPG Supply Chain Challenges and Future Opportunities

Supply chain disruption and uncertainty remains the one true constant for the CPG industry. The outlook is rife with challenges, from rising costs and labor shortages to uncertainty caused by conflict and lack of materials. Yet, at the same time rising consumer demand, the growth of e-commerce and an increasing shift toward digital sales offers incredible opportunities for CPG firms to maximize their revenue.

Unfortunately, much of the CPG industry still relies upon manual processes or a collection of microservices provided by different vendors. As a result, many businesses lack visibility across their supply chain. Which means by the time a disruption is discovered, it is already too late to take corrective action.

The CPG firms that are the first to adopt a proactive supply chain strategy to adapt to changing demands and shipment status will be the ones to outpace their competition.

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Developing an Intelligent CPG Supply Chain

Integrating the right software solutions can enable you to realize a modern, data-driven supply chain, providing benefits that include streamlined sourcing and optimized order fulfillment. Establishing a supply chain control tower will provide connected and personalized end-to-end visibility over your entire supply chain. Making use of supply chain analytics within an intelligent supply chain management platform allows for the creation of a data-driven supply chain strategy that will withstand the worst disruptions.

The right combination of solutions can empower you to:

  • Have a single, 360-degree view of all supply chain operations across every channel through a personalized control tower dashboard that consolidates internal and external supply chain data
  • Identify potential bottlenecks and vulnerabilities within your supply chain and engage in proactive risk management by leveraging data science and predictive analytics.
  • Gain real-time visibility into the transport and potential delays of product shipments by using IoT-enabled sensors and business intelligence
  • Generate detailed, data science-driven demand forecasts for more accurate inventory replenishment planning
  • Develop flexible and agile sourcing strategies that offer the capability to adapt to supply chain disruption
  • Maximize your existing workforce by allocating labor resources more effectively, and enhancing overall productivity with automation
  • Make strategic, data-driven sourcing decisions that maximize profit with intelligent distributed order management

Skills, certifications, and experience

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