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What We’re Seeing


of global cloud decision makers at healthcare organizations are adopting cloud, which will help develop and deliver innovation.


Hospital and Health System expenses are expected to increase by nearly $135 billion in 2023.


of the world’s data volume is being generated by the healthcare industry.


By 2025, clinical application analytics will likely have the greatest growth in the healthcare data analytics market.

In our increasingly digitized world, providers need a way to adapt their services in order to meet patients where they are and deliver personalized experiences that result in improved clinical outcomes.

This requires the adoption of modern, cloud-based health provider solutions and applications capable of aggregating and organizing data, eliminating departmental silos, automating manual processes, and providing a holistic view of patients’ and their unique needs. Such health provider solutions will ultimately enable physicians and care teams to:

  • Enhance visibility across all touchpoints within the care journey to help ensure high-quality care
  • Automate administrative tasks and consolidate data and eliminate silos to empower health team collaboration and enhance clinician experiences
  • Increase the likelihood of treatment adherence and reduce readmission rates
  • Access key clinical and operational insights and monitor KPIs such as average patient wait time, medical equipment utilization, and more in real time
  • Develop new, digitized offerings to better serve patient needs and enhance patient engagement

Challenges Facing the Healthcare Provider Industry

How We Can Help

From staffing shortages and growing demand for telehealth services to rising costs and limited resources, health providers face no shortage of obstacles in their mission to deliver quality care to their patients. For over a decade, Hitachi Solutions has been working with healthcare organizations around the world to enhance their technological infrastructures. From connected, cloud-based health provider solutions to mobile field-service applications, our IP technology and integration with Microsoft solutions help healthcare organizations stay on top of an ever-changing landscape.


The healthcare landscape is changing rapidly with changes related to virtual health, value-based care, claim processing, regulations, and more. Our advisors are here to help you make sense of these trends and changes and guide you through the technology and digital possibilities to envision and transform digital health and improve patient outcomes.

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Analytics & AI

New advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI), data interoperability, and FHIR are allowing healthcare companies to leverage existing and new data sources in ways never thought possible, from empowering clinical and operational insights to providing the data platform for new advancements in AI to improve diagnostics, provide personalized medicine, and enhance operational efficiencies.

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Digital Transformation

Transform your healthcare applications, processes, and capabilities through adoption of digital and cloud technologies. Implement modern Electronic Health Records (EHR) for better coordinated care, enable predictive care management, and allow individuals to take charge of their health.

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Governance & Security

Confidently address your need for healthcare-specific security and compliance with planning and implementation of healthcare solutions adhering to HIPAA, HITECH, ONC Cures Act, CMS Interoperability and Patient Access Rule, and other mandates and regulations. Apply security best practices to build a foundation of security, compliance, and trust to keep sensitive health information private and secure.

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Microsoft Business Applications

Improve the experience throughout the entire care journey for patients, providers, clinicians, and caregivers at every touchpoint with secure, modern business applications that enable collaboration, reduce administrative burden, and optimize decision making with improved insights.

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Microsoft Technology

The rapid pace of technological change in healthcare is revolutionizing member experiences and patient care while simultaneously transforming healthcare delivery. Healthcare companies need to be adaptable, agile, and prepared for these changes, facing where to begin, what to prioritize, and how to optimize technology initiatives within their budgets to support the latest digital innovations.

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Our Approach

What Sets Us Apart

Hitachi Solutions and Microsoft have the smart health provider solutions and proven expertise that healthcare organizations require to meet emerging and dynamic business needs and be more responsive, efficient, and personalized in their approach.

Our industry expertise, close relationship with Microsoft, access to global resources, and ability to deliver local support makes Hitachi Solutions unique amongst independent software vendors. Let us show you how our battle-tested methodology and healthcare industry IP can be a vital solution for your organization to enhance health team collaboration, master operational efficiency, and deliver world-class care to patients.

The line between your healthcare provider and health plan is becoming blurred. With the move towards value-based care, providers are now shouldering financial risks and focusing on patient outcomes, while payors are offering new wellness and preventive care initiatives. This convergence of efforts aligns incentives, cuts down costs, and ultimately enhances patient care. Generative AI is playing a critical role in this convergence by empowering providers and payors to harness the power of shared data, leading to improved decision-making, predictive care management, and population health management.

James Galvin

James Galvin
Senior Director – Industry Strategy

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