Hitachi Solutions Engage for Field Service

Hitachi Solutions Engage for Field Service takes Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service to a whole new level. It offers pre-built functionality that empowers you to quickly and easily streamline service operations and leverage digital transformation technology.

Hitachi Solutions Engage for Field Service offers the full capabilities of Dynamics 365 for Field Service with an extended solution set built specifically for the unique needs of field service providers.


Warranty Management

The warranty management solution gives you full visibility into warranty coverage, letting you see complete details on associated products, customers, length of warranty, etc. These added capabilities empower you to:

  • Capture and manage warranty activities and terms and conditions
  • Capture equipment details and serviceable components in warranty agreements
  • Manage product registrations, claims, RMAs, and approval workflows, access specific entities for installed equipment/serviceable component

Extended Asset Management

Streamline asset movement tracking, usage history management, and customer asset template generation, ensuring detailed historical data, better tracking, and standardized data capture.

  • Manage Customer Assets movement and usage with historical details
  • Generate templates to be utilized in the creation of Customer Assets
  • Enhance Customer Asset tracking and hierarchy visibility through relationships
  • Rule based history creation for reference and standardized data capture


Planned Maintenance

Planned Maintenance enhances customer asset management, generates usage-based work orders, and streamlines agreement configurations. We automate laborious tasks like manual work orders and agreement management, ensuring smoother and efficient maintenance operations.

  • Manage Customer Assets related to Agreements for planned maintenance
  • Generate usage-based Work Orders for planned maintenance Agreements
  • Enhance Customer Asset management through maintenance services
  • Template based Agreements for streamlined configurations

Timesheet Management

Timesheet Management simplifies time entry generation and standardizes timesheet management and time entry submission. This solution saves time, improves accuracy, and expands the capabilities of Dynamics 365 Field Service functionality. In short, it makes the most of your valuable time.

  • No more labor-intensive tasks for managers to ensure accuracy or manual time entry creation
  • Validate time entry approval permissions and enforce logic, ensuring your operations run smoothly and efficiently


We Can Get You to
Predictive Maintenance

Hitachi Solutions Empower Data Platform utilizes machine learning and AI to get to a usable predictive model in just weeks. It’s a shrink-wrapped data platform you can use as an additional, complimentary solution to Engage for Field Service to rapidly ingest data and leverage it to gain analytical and predictive insights your teams can use to radically improve the way you do business. Learn more by clicking here.

With these kinds of insights, you’ll be able to gain:

  • Efficiency Improvement: Predictive field service decreases the average handle time for customer service centers, enabling agents to handle more inbound calls.
  • Reduced Technicians’ Return Trips: The solution decreases the number of technician return trips due to increased incident-type accuracy.
  • Parts Cost Reduction: Reduce waste costs from sending the wrong replacement parts onsite for maintenance and reduces overtime costs since overall technician repeat visits are lessened.
  • Improved Asset Uptime: The solution suggests the most appropriate action to ensure increased asset uptime, while optimizing servicing costs.
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction: Customer satisfaction is enhanced due to the increased ability of the company to fix the problem correctly the first time.

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