Generative AI Use Cases or Healthcare

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A study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine found that U.S. insurers and healthcare providers spend over $800 billion annually on administrative tasks, representing more than 30% of total national health expenditures.

As a patient you expect to get personalized care, but sometimes it’s tough to even get an appointment. Giving healthcare professionals a powerful tool like Generative AI can save time on an overburdened and strained healthcare system so doctors can spend more time with patients and less time with administration.

In this episode of Exchanges, host Brad Koontz joins guests Jonathan Yundt, Industry Director, Nicholas Hogan, a veteran of the healthcare industry, and Director of R&D Stuart Morris, as they discuss healthcare use cases for Generative AI that can alleviate burdens on healthcare providers and insurers.

Generative AI has been making a lot of news not just for the flash of new tech, but because of the results it’s driving. According to McKinsey, companies are seeing a 40% increase in productivity through AI-driven automation.

In this episode, you’ll hear from these industry and technology leaders as they discuss use Generative AI use cases for the healthcare industry:

  • Diagnosis health conditions
  • Develop new medicine
  • Decrease time spent on administrative tasks
  • Improve patient service

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