Let's Talk About Copilot Studio

Discussion Points:

  • March Power Platform Insights: Recap of the insights and the usefulness of the power platform as a practical guide for frequently asked questions on Copilot and Copilot Studio.
  • Understanding Copilot: Distinctions between different ‘Copilot’ offerings, e.g., general Microsoft Copilot vs. M365 Copilot vs. Copilot Studio. Clear explanation on purpose and functionalities were provided.
  • Generative AI Landscape: An overarching theme is Microsoft’s move towards generative AI alongside manual pathways, the balance between precision and generative freedom, and the use of AI in chat solutions.
  • Power Virtual Agents (PVA) Transition: Discussion on how PVA has evolved and integrates into Copilot Studio, emphasizing the transition from PVA to Copilot Studio.
  • Security Aspects: Focused on how Copilot Studio maintains high standards for data security and privacy amidst its capabilities.
  • Licensing and Pricing: Clarity was provided on the new pricing model, which is based on message interactions rather than sessions, with examples of how generative AI interactions are counted.
  • Adoption Strategy: Suggestions on approaches businesses can take in adopting Copilot Studio such as starting with a pilot program before wider implementation.

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