What Happens to Application Innovation in the Era of AI?

Learn how our experts are unlocking value for customers with scalable, agile, secure, applications for the era of AI.

In This Episode

Advisory expert Dave Horstein meets with Application Engineers Jan Nelson, Kalyan Koppineedi and Lucas Pains to talk about how AI is — and is NOT — changing how they solve for business and for our customers. It’s a great “inside out” listen for business leaders interested in learning how our experts are navigating the era of AI for speed, agility and security.

Key Points of this Episode

  • How AI is augmenting software engineering at work and how we approach the development of AI solutions.
  • The impact of AI on the software engineering community and how it is effecting work; using tools like GitHub Copilot.
  • How AI is changing software development and the role of AI in the future of software engineering.
  • The value of leveraging AI as a software engineer, with an emphasis that AI can increase the value of software engineers by allowing them to focus more strategically on the problem and provide the context needed to ensure that the right problems are being solved.
  • The importance of human validation and context in using AI tools, and the need for IT in businesses to define good requirements and criteria for determining the quality of AI output.

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