Order Management Suite

Build stronger B2B and B2C relationships by delivering a unique customer experience

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Product overview

The internet has transformed the way we do business. It has expanded sales reach, improved customer service, and decreased business costs. But to give customers the personalized experience they expect — and to get the most business value from an online presence—retailers need to take their ecommerce system to the next level.

Hitachi Solutions Order Management Suite (OMS) is a modern, end-to-end ecommerce solution that is optimized for B2B and B2C sales and customer service. Built on the Microsoft stack, it works seamlessly with the Microsoft cloud and your other business applications to provide a robust online sales channel that is quick and easy to implement, plays to your customer’s interests, and delivers a consistent customer-focused experience.

B2C commerce

Business outcomes

  • Expand your customer reach
  • Build stronger customer relationships
  • Personalize the customer journey
  • Improve customer service and retention
  • Simplify back-office functions and reduce costs
  • Gain insight into sales data and customer needs
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