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Hitachi Solutions: Unleashing Generative AI Potential with a Strategy-First Approach

Cut Through the Noise Around AI and Get to Real Results

Everywhere we turn there’s a new solution, use case, brand, or provider selling us the vast potential of artificial intelligence.

In this echo chamber of Generative AI messaging, Hitachi Solutions is the calm in the storm. We quiet the noise and focus on how AI can deliver business results through industry-specific use cases with our advisory leaders who have spent decades helping businesses harness new technology to create opportunities.

For over 20 years, Hitachi Solutions has had a single platform focus on Microsoft. That partnership, combined with our team of industry-focused advisors, allows us to quickly incorporate new innovations from Microsoft with minimal risk and maximum benefit to our customers who need to address industry-specific gaps.

$13 Trillion

could be added to the global economy from AI by 2030


increase in productivity through AI-driven automation


of occupations will be at least partially automated in the next 10 years

Why Advisory First?

To ensure the effective adoption of Generative Artificial Intelligence, it is essential for companies to develop a robust strategy that helps filter out the noise and focus on their specific needs and goals. This begins with a clear understanding of the organization’s pain points, desired outcomes, and the capabilities and limitations of Generative AI technologies in addressing these challenges. A well-formulated Generative Artificial Intelligence strategy should encompass the evaluation of existing infrastructure, internal expertise, and other resources to map out a realistic and achievable plan for implementation.

Hitachi Solutions’ experienced advisory team is comprised of veteran industry leaders who provide invaluable insights on best practices, industry trends, and potential pitfalls you may encounter as you embark on your Generative AI journey. By combining their industry perspectives with a company’s internal expertise, along with tested strategy and change management, a comprehensive and actionable Generative AI strategy can emerge.

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Fostering a Responsible AI Culture

With Generative AI applications from Microsoft and others lifting and augmenting the toolset for literally everyone for free, it’s paramount to establish organizational communication and culture in and around its use. This is the critical juncture where Hitachi Solutions has begun to help executives and enterprises understand how to define Generative AI for themselves, their work culture, and their go-forward principles — and how to best leverage this powerful “search” tool and when it’s appropriate for customer engagement.

The business approach, in this new era, must be addressed for the entire enterprise. This begins by understanding exactly what Generative AI is; identifying where in-house capability exists; and determining how, when, and if to leverage it to enhance business performance.

Hitachi Solutions Advisory Client Partner Dave Horstein goes more in depth on this topic in his post, “Fostering a Responsible AI Culture: An Executive’s Guide”

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Get ChatGPT Running in a Day & Less than $1k a Month

Hitachi Solutions Enterprise Chat brings the cutting-edge Generative Artificial Intelligence capabilities of ChatGPT securely to your organization through a SaaS offering that leverages Generative AI to enhance customer interactions, improve productivity, and streamline workflows, all while maintaining strict data privacy.

Enterprise Chat opens your company to new insights and opportunities in an affordable, powerful package that offers a tremendous opportunity to transform virtually all office work through automation. The average user can save up to an hour a week on routine tasks, such as proofreading, troubleshooting, researching, writing emails, and content.

For less than $1,000 a month, you can reap the power of Generative AI chat to improve customer experiences, streamline operations, save time, and enhance insights into your organization – all within a secure platform that protects your privacy. And you can get it running in less than a day.

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“It’s hard to imagine an industry that won’t be transformed by AI. Whether it’s healthcare, retail, construction, banking and finance, insurance, or manufacturing. There are very clear use cases where Generative AI can make an immediate and large change in how they improve operations and customer experiences.” 

Jerry Hawk,
Hitachi Solutions COO, North America 

AI Industry Use Cases

Your To-Do List for Security in the Era of Generative AI

While unpacking what Generative AI means for your business model, it’s important to iterate on what this technology means for you, your people & processes first.

Join Advisory Expert Dave Horstein, along with security and data experts Branden Wick and Luke McGrath as they walk through what keeps business leaders up at night, and how to begin the transformation from the inside out to embrace what your employees are most definitely already realizing in terms of the availability of Generative AI and how to leverage it at work with a “security first” mindset.

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