Analytics Starts with Self-Service Data

You know with the phrase: “If you want to do it right, do it yourself.” In the era of data-driven decision-making, your data is managed most effectively by you! By empowering businesses to independently manage and analyze their own analytics, self-service capabilities have revolutionized how organizations leverage data to drive decision-making and strategic outcomes.  

In the latest update of Hitachi Solutions Empower Data Platform, we’ve added comprehensive tools to self-configure data connectors to deliver transformative outcomes.  

Empowering Self-Service Data Enablement 

Self-service data democratizes data management, putting the power of data extraction, analysis, and reporting into the hands of the end-users. This ability to independently handle data sources not only eliminates needing IT assistance but also accelerates your decision making. 

Empower lets you define connections to disparate sources from the UI – from SQL Server and Postgre to enterprise platforms like Kronos, Workday, and Microsoft Dynamics 365. Altogether, Empower enables self-service management to dozens of data sources, with more being added every release. With proper authentication credentials, Empower can handle data extraction, metadata handling, and schema drift management for you. 

Each connector can handle incremental data extraction, saving you time and money with every run. For a full list of our supported connectors, visit our public documentation on data sources

Transformative Outcomes with Self-Service Data 

The true measure of a self-service data platform lies in the outcomes it drives. With Empower Data Platform, these outcomes span across various business facets: 

  • Sales: Using AI models built on top of the core product suite, Empower can provide valuable insights into customer patterns, helping you identify potential sales opportunities and refine your sales strategies 
  • Operations: By consolidating and analyzing operational data, Empower’s PowerBI integrations can help you pinpoint areas of inefficiency, streamline your processes, and improve overall operational performance. 
  • Customer Experience: Gaining a deeper understanding of your customers’ preferences and behaviors through Empower enables you to tailor their experiences, fostering stronger relationships and higher satisfaction levels. 

Experience the practical advantages of self-service data estate management with Empower Data Platform, and unlock the full potential of your organization’s most valuable asset – its data.