Hitachi Solutions and Microsoft Help Ansell Better Access Their Data to Continue to Protect the World

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Global Health & Safety Manufacturer Optimizes Microsoft Dynamics 365 Capabilities

Read how Hitachi Solutions helped Ansell ensure timely and accurate business intelligence, speed reporting, increase productivity, and support their global expansion initiatives.

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Ansell is a global leader in providing superior health and safety protection solutions. Customers in more than 100 countries trust Ansell to keep them safe.

To ensure Ansell’s seven manufacturing plants could meet ever-increasing production demands, Hitachi Solutions helped them migrate their legacy on-prem ERP system to Microsoft Dynamics 365. But as the plants went live, it became apparent the company’s outdated data architecture wasn’t able to support the new D365 cloud capabilities. They were experiencing unexpected downtime, slow processing, and reporting delays.

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Because Ansell’s IT team did not have in-house expertise in analytics and AI, DevOps, and Microsoft Azure Synapse, they again turned to Hitachi Solutions for help. We were able to guide, advise, train, and support the team as they updated their data environment to simplify, speed, and elevate the way they access and analyze manufacturing data.

They now have a cloud-based modern data platform and enhanced business intelligence that ensures timely, accurate, and reliable manufacturing reporting that saves them a lot of time, effort, and resources. And, the IT team has gained the skills and knowledge to support the solution and continue to improve and evolve it to meet their strategic needs and growth plans better.

“Teamwork was key to the success of this project. Everyone played a role and worked very hard to ensure the project was delivered as expected by business stakeholders. Together, we were able to achieve results in a very short amount of time. What normally should have taken eight or nine months, we did in less than four months.”

Read the full case study to learn how we helped Ansell get the most value from their D365 implementation — including near real-time reporting, enhanced business intelligence and visibility, system reliability, increased efficiency and productivity, and more.