ADW Diabetes Ensures Peak Performance — and Gains Peace of Mind — With Hitachi Solutions Managed Services

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Medical Equipment Provider Cures Operational Inefficiency with Ecommerce

Read how ADW Diabetes replaced its outdated ecommerce platform with Hitachi Solutions Order Management Suite and streamlined operations and enhanced the customer experience.

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ADW Diabetes offers quality diabetic supplies directly to consumers and is dedicated to helping keep diabetes management affordable for their customers. To make sure they remained focused on this goal, they recently modernized and migrated their eCommerce hosting to the Microsoft Azure cloud.  

While the transition went smoothly, maintaining the new, more complex, the environment was a challenge for IT, as they did not have the trained resources to spare. So, they decided to bring in professional reinforcements to ensure the platform was always secure, available, and optimized.

ADW Diabetes trusted long-time partner Hitachi Solutions to extend its IT department’s capabilities with expert, dedicated, 24/7 maintenance and support — including proactive monitoring and alert management, security and compliance, performance and diagnostics, upgrade and release management, and much more. The result was optimized operations, increased productivity and efficiency, and improved customer service.

“From making it a better infrastructure environment to delivering integration, scalability, security, and disaster recovery, Hitachi Solutions Managed Services gives us peace of mind. This alone is worth the cost of outsourcing,” said Chris Maguire, vice president at ADW Diabetes.

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