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In today’s dynamic and digital world, people can work from anywhere, shop from anywhere, do almost anything at any time. With everything “always on” and “connected,” companies need systems support 24/7/365.

That’s what puts modern managed services on a different level than in the past. It’s a far cry from the original “break/fix” model of a decade — or even five years ago — where companies managed on-premises systems in-house and often sought managed services support only when disaster struck.

Nowadays, with the cloud and technology innovations advancing so fast, shrinking IT budgets, and an ever-shuffling talent pool, it’s a completely different ball game. IT departments need managed service providers (MSPs) to be proactive, mitigate risk, and prevent potential and costly damage.

And while managed services is still focused on technology, hiring an MSP today is also about building a long-term relationship, creating continuity, and extending knowledge and capabilities. This new view means there are new criteria to look for when choosing a “modern” MSP — assets and expertise that create added value for the organization.

Why Global Reach is Key to Maximizing Support

One of the main things you want from an MSP is global reach. You want to make sure your MSP has offices and/or affiliates worldwide. Not only for 24/7 support wherever you need it, but for the regional and functional expertise they can provide.

A company with global resources has a critical understanding of how to work in and with other countries, from finances and regulations to languages and culture, and more. They weave this knowledge into enterprise-level services, helping them become a known and trusted partner in helping expand your business operations and customer opportunities.

Other benefits of how a global MSP can add value and maximize support include:

  • Proactive Monitoring & Alerting Coverage — For true 24/7/365 service, someone always has to be watching. Having resources in all time zones, monitoring and ready to respond to potentially significant system and security issues, dramatically reduces disruption and downtime and the associated revenue loss.
  • Scalability — Your MSP should be an extension of your IT team and know your business inside and out. So when you need to make changes quickly — as we saw with the pandemic — you can have confidence your MSP has your back. Having a global MSP only adds to their ability to seamlessly scale on-demand — when, where, and how as needed.
  • Cost-effective Flexibility — Having people in different geographies, with different capabilities and rates, allows an MSP to put together a hybrid onshore, offshore, nearshore team that can be extremely cost effective for clients working in multiple time zones. The possibilities are endless in creating a flexible schedule within your budget. It can make a big difference to your bottom line.  
  • Larger Talent Pool — Having a global footprint gives MSPs access to a far bigger and more diverse pool of tech resources. This makes staffing more efficient and cost effective, and allows them to reach out to people with specific skills when needed. This is a huge value-add benefit for clients.

The Hitachi Solutions Difference

Hitachi Solutions is part of Hitachi, Ltd, one of the largest organizations in the world. That’s 303,000 employees in over 100 countries across 864 companies. All Hitachi companies are fanatical about providing clients with innovation and excellence. We tap into these sister companies to serve our managed services clients at the highest, global levels while forging strong bonds of trust and life-long relationships.

Beyond our huge global footprint, we are 100 percent Microsoft platform focused and have deep technical and functional knowledge of the entire Microsoft ecosystem — Azure, Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365, Power Platform, and Cloud security. Our skilled and experienced team provides end-to-end support and possesses numerous certifications, advanced specializations, and MVPs.

We are also a Gold-certified Microsoft partner and long-standing Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), which gives us unprecedented access to strategic Microsoft resources and programs. We pass this knowledge and the benefits on to our clients, improving service and optimizing their Microsoft investments.

If you’d like to learn more about Hitachi Solutions managed services offerings, and how we help you scale, connect, and maximize performance on a global level, please reach out.