Why Hitachi Solutions Earning Microsoft Inner Circle For 19 Consecutive Years is Good for Our Customers


Hitachi Solutions Wins Two 2022 Microsoft Partner of Year Awards!

Celebrating our win! Hitachi Solutions has been recognized as the 2022 Microsoft D365 Supply Chain and IOM Partner of the Year and D365 Customer Service & Field Service Partner of the Year Finalist.

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This is Hitachi Solutions’ 19th consecutive year being invited into Microsoft’s Inner Circle. We are extremely proud of this achievement because when you think about it, it’s a pretty amazing feat. Out of thousands of Microsoft business applications partners worldwide, we have performed in the top 1% for nearly 20 years! It’s a testament to our people and principles.

In case you aren’t familiar, the Inner Circle for Microsoft Business Applications is an exclusive group of global partners who greatly impact the Microsoft ecosystem — excelling at accelerating customer digital transformation through the development and delivery of innovative business solutions. Based on sales and service performance and organizational capabilities, the Inner Circle makes up the top 1% of partners — truly the cream of the crop!

As a member of this elite club, Hitachi Solutions networks with the upper echelons of Microsoft leadership, is invited to strategic events and meetings, and is included in special programs. We get the first-hand scoop on Microsoft plans and goals and are able to nurture key relationships with Microsoft executives, sellers, and support personnel, as well as with other top partners.

What This Means for Our Customers

So you might be wondering, “what does this mean for me?” Well, for our company, it is validation we made the right decision to focus 100% on the Microsoft platform to deliver our business transformation solutions. For our customers, the benefits run much deeper:

  • As a Microsoft insider for the last two decades, we have developed extensive experience across the convergence of all Microsoft business applications and technologies. We’ve also earned all six cloud solution designations and many specializations. This allows us to provide you with end-to-end support and realize the most value from your projects. We’re one of only a handful of partners who can do this.
  • Through Inner Circle membership, we’re able to preview Microsoft’s strategies and plans. This puts us ahead of the curve when it comes to major trends and new technology, and makes us a knowledgeable and trusted advisor when it comes to finding the most innovative ways to tackle your business challenges, whatever they are.
  • Being included in the Microsoft eco-sphere means we know who’s who in the zoo, and we have access to them. Over the years we’ve formed close relationships across practices, leadership, industries, and service. This means we have a direct avenue to communicate with the appropriate Microsoft teams and contacts on your behalf, and can get the right answers quickly and accelerate escalations as needed. This is a huge advantage when it comes to support.
  • Inner Circle members are included in training workshops, sales programs, product road mapping sessions, and other planning and informational activities. We tap into these to gain valuable know-how and access a wealth of funding that we gladly share with our customers to increase ROI.

Proof of Success

At the end of the day, our #1 goal is to leverage Microsoft cloud technology to support and accelerate our customers’ data and business system modernization initiatives and drive outcome-based value throughout their entire organization. Achieving Inner Circle year after year keeps us in sync with Microsoft, and gives us unprecedented access to the resources we need to support and remain committed to our customers.

As more proof of our winning strategy, we recently won the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management and Intelligent Order Management Partner of the Year and was named finalist for the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Services & Field Service Partner of the Year. This brings the score to 49 Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards and counting since 2006!

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These awards are based on the revolutionary work we’ve done for our customers — and the impactful results they’ve experienced — and showcase the depth and breadth of our Microsoft cloud and technology expertise. To be recognized by Microsoft and our peers in this way continues to elevate us from the partner pack and adds to our story of being an ideal “best partner for life.”

Win with Us

As we’ve mentioned, there are thousands of Microsoft partners across the globe, but all partners are not the same. Few have the strategy, size, experience, and industry and technology expertise to guide, advise, and fully support your end-to-end business transformation goals — now and in the future. Hitachi Solutions can and does.

From business applications to infrastructure modernization to security to data and analytics to digital and app innovation and more, we can help you do it all. If you’d like to learn more about our people, capabilities, or customers, I invite you to visit our website or contact us today!