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Microsoft Cloud for Retail + Empower Analytics

Opportunity at the intersection of retail and technology

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Hitachi Solutions is a launch partner for Microsoft’s new Cloud for Retail, an industry-specific cloud designed to help retailers meet this new age of digital optimism. A strategic Microsoft partner since 2004, Hitachi Solutions was chosen because of our deep retail industry and Microsoft technology expertise, as well as our culture of collaboration, quality, and innovation that helps us turn our clients’ business strategies into digital realities.

To prepare for the launch, we have been working closely with the Microsoft cloud team over the last six months to unite our multiple retail industry solutions with the new Microsoft Cloud for Retail. We’re excited to show off how our solutions integrate and highlight how they:

  • Maximize the power of your data
  • Elevate the shopping experience
  • Build a real-time, sustainable supply change
  • Empower store workers

Solutions tailored for retail growth

Today, more than ever, consumers are in the driver’s seat. With unlimited purchasing options and a demand for immediate service, customer expectations are changing rapidly, and retailers must learn how to respond. This calls for retailers to place the customer — what they buy, where they buy, and how they buy — at the forefront of retail planning. Effectively collecting and monitoring this data is the key to every retailer’s digital transformation, empowering teams with the right customer information to maximize the value of their data.

With the ever-present threat of disruption, retail supply chains are incredibly complex — and often fragile — networks that span multiple regions and channels. Despite this complexity and the challenges that come with it, retailers can still create highly resilient, connected supply chains by applying the right technology to drive visibility and data-driven predictions to support strategic decisions. A strong supply chain management foundation allows retailers to mitigate risk while optimizing fulfillment.

Experience you can trust

Since its inception, Hitachi Solutions has been a leading provider of global industry solutions. With competitive differentiation, long-term loyalty, and growth opportunities on the line, retailers must invest in innovative solutions that enable them to create unified, omnichannel experiences that consistently exceed customer expectations. Microsoft Cloud for Retail, combined with Hitachi Solutions deep industry experience and solutions, delivers seamless experiences across the end-to-end shopper journey.

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