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How to Build Value with the Right Product as a Service Strategy

Learn the building blocks needed for building a PaaS model that delivers value

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The servitization revolution is creating compelling new ways for industrial equipment manufacturers to differentiate their business within a hyper-competitive, pandemic-disrupted economic landscape.  

However, new opportunities for growth and customer retention also mean new challenges. Just as the ways in which manufacturers sell and engage customers are changing with outcome-based service models, so too are the ways in which manufacturers will succeed.  

Our on-demand webinar series, Strategy, Service, Data: The Three Pillars of Product as a Service Success, will dive into each of the three pillars that make the Product as a Service model flourish and share expert insights on how to drive connected, customer-centric interactions across the service chain. 

Here’s what you’ll see in our webinar series:

But we know time is valuable, and very much in short supply for most folks — so why should you watch? We’ll give you three good reasons.

Reason #1: Product as a Service creates a consistent and profitable revenue stream.

The only catch is that it has to be done the right way, with a solid foundation of strategy, service, and data.

Strategy: In most industrial markets, the share is locked in and switching costs are high. Products need to be different enough and provide compelling value in order to incentivize prospective customers to make the switch from their existing suppliers. But manufacturers need to understand the building blocks in defining Product as a Service value and strategy in order to set the model up for success. ​

Service: With Product as a Service, customers are as interested in the service experience as they are in the product itself. Organizations need to understand how new trends and developments impact key service areas and adapt their operations accordingly. ​

Data: A Product as a Service model can’t run without data. Smart, connected products — and the data and capabilities they deliver — are critical to providing the foundation for a Product as a Service transformation. In order to attain both immediate and longer-term benefits, manufacturers need to understand the “continuum” model of a connected product lifecycle and how to get started in a way that is achievable with short-term goals.

Reason #2: You’ll hear from key experts with firsthand experience in Product as a Service transformations.

Each presenter in our webinar series is not only an executive leader in their respective practices, but also an experienced leader in driving success within each pillar of a Product as a Service transformation. 

In How to Build Value with the Right Product as a Service Strategy, Jim MacLennan, Vice President of  Advisory Services at Hitachi Solutions, shares his background and experience in driving Product as a Service initiatives in his previous role as Chief Information Officer of IDEX, a global industrial manufacturer.  

In Building a World-Class Service Organization, Michael Mendoza, Director of Industry Field Service Solutions at Hitachi Solutions, talks with Julia Jeschke, Director of Global Solution Strategy for Dynamics Field Service at Microsoft, about how service is more than just service — it’s about bringing together the people, technology, and data that drive successful business outcomes for customers.

In What Do Connected Products Really Mean?, Ivan Kurtev, Enterprise Architect at Hitachi Solutions, shares the step-by-step continuum model for achieving results at each stage of the connected product journey, common challenges he has seen (from both technology and project perspectives), and how customers have overcome them.

Reason #3: No fluff, no filler.

These webinars are all about sharing real-world insights and tips from leaders who have “been there, done that.”

A manufacturer’s transition to a Product as a Service model means a much larger business change, in addition to all the technological changes. You need to understand all the underlying business components — manufacturing processes, IoT and data management, service management, asset management, sales, and financial controls — and how they all tie together to create profitable new ways of doing business.

Hitachi Solutions has the proven industry knowledge, team expertise, and technology stack to complete a Product as a Service transformation from an end-to-end perspective. We know the processes from front to back and have guided many customers through comprehensive, holistic service conversions, all the way from the manufacturing floor through to service execution. Our webinar series shows the blueprint we follow, and how we help our customers both generate and deliver value.


We hope you enjoy the webinar series. If you have any questions on what you see, or if you’d like to learn more about how Hitachi Solutions can help your organization transform service, reach out and let us know.