Solving Your Sustainment Strategy with Managed Services


5 Ways Managed Services Helps Decision Makers Secure Business Growth

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Advances in technology continue to come fast and furious, and more and more companies are taking advantage of them to modernize their business and data systems and gain a competitive edge. We call this digital transformation and it includes new ways of thinking and doing business, as well as new technology.

But just as tech innovation is exploding — and creating more complex business environments — IT budgets are shrinking. Many companies simply don’t have the internal skills or resources to handle the challenges, and struggle to gain control, and leverage the value, of new technology investments. They remain mired in reactive mode when it comes to digital innovation.

However, in today’s unpredictable business landscape, security, uptime, and new capabilities are everything. You have to be bold and proactive to get the best ROI and competitive advantage when it comes to new technology.

The Benefits of Modern Managed Services

This is where modern managed services comes in. Having evolved from the break-fix model of old, a managed services partner (MSP) is now often considered a critical and cost-effective extension of a company’s IT team. That’s because the right partner offers:

  • Skilled and trained professionals and access to an extensive global resource network that operates 24/7
  • Proactive monitoring and system management
  • Advanced problem-solving, planning and strategy, team training, knowledge transfer, and more
  • Flexible, scalable, custom support designed specifically for the unique needs — and budget — of your business

With an MSP responsible for cloud migration and storage, server maintenance, network monitoring and security, and infrastructure management, you can stay ahead of the technology curve, rest assured your system is secure and compliant, and that you are getting the most value you can from your technology investments. And, the IT team is free to focus on higher-priority items that help users do their jobs better and help your company grow faster.

Do You Have an IT Sustainment Strategy?

When it comes to your digital transformation initiatives, it’s even more important to be prepared and think about an IT sustainment strategy early in the buying and planning process. Whether you are going to use in-house support, an MSP, or a hybrid approach, you don’t want it to be an afterthought. Addressing your plan upfront makes for a smoother go-live, and transition optimizes system performance and minimizes budget surprises.

In our new ebook, 5 Ways Hitachi Solutions Managed Services Helps Decision Makers Secure Business Growth, we dig deeper into the benefits and capabilities of modern managed services and sustainment strategies, and help you determine the smartest choices for your company. It also highlights several cool customer success stories that are very informative. There’s even a handy MSP checklist you can use to help pick the right partner with the right capabilities for your needs.

Check it out! No matter the size and scope of your IT, we want you to understand the business benefits of managed services and help you achieve even more value and benefit from all your technology investments.

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