Three Key Elements to Successful Data Automation

In today’s fast-paced, data-driven world, organizations face the mounting challenge of managing vast amounts of data from various sources. To stay competitive, businesses must efficiently process this data, turning it into actionable insights that drive informed decision-making and improved performance where your business needs it most. By automating data ingestion, cleanup, transformation, analytics, and reporting, you enable your organizations to handle complex data sets with reduced manual intervention – saving time, resources, and effort.

Hitachi Solutions Empower Data Platform automates several different kinds of data movement – making it a completely flexible and comprehensive solution for your data management needs. There are three key types of data movement:

  • Data Acquisition: the inbound movement of data into your centralized data lakehouse.
  • Analytics Engineering: the processing, cleaning, and transformation of your data into the gold medallion layer.
  • Publishing: the outbound movement of data for downstream applications, such as PowerBI reports, artificial intelligence workflows, or Microsoft Dynamics 365.
Empower facilitates three critical phases of data movement for modern data estates.

Acquisition: Streamlining Data Ingestion into Your Data Estate

The first phase of data automation involves acquiring data from numerous sources and ingesting it into your organization’s data estate. Effective data acquisition can streamline processes, reduce data silos, and help build a centralized, accessible data repository.

Empower Data Platform simplifies this process in three primary ways:

  1. Compatible across multiple data sources: Empower Data Platform can acquire data from more than 200 sources, including files, databases, web services, and even real-time event streams.
  2. Automated Metadata-Driven Pipeline: The platform automatically deploys and runs metadata-driven pipelines, meaning that you can define object-level granularity for extraction and ingestion.
  3. Near Real-Time Ingestion: Empower offers near real-time data ingestion for incremental loads. You can decide how often you need your data and Empower takes care of the rest.

Analytics Engineering: Transforming Raw Data into Valuable Insights

Once the data is ingested into your data estate, the next step is analytics engineering. This phase involves cleaning, transforming, and enriching raw data to produce valuable insights for informed decision-making.

Key analytics engineering features of Empower Data Platform include:

  1. Medallion Architecture Compliance: With Empower, you can create structured representations of your data for various purposes, including storage, analytics, reporting, and data science and AI. Process your data through the bronze, silver, and gold layers of the medallion architecture.
  2. Unified Data Modeling: Combine data from all your data into a single source of truth using Empower’s automated dynamic pipeline deployment and scheduling. Like data acquisition, all you need to do is decide when and how often you want your models built.
  3. Proprietary Model Building Technology: Empower Data Platform contains an in-house technology stack that enables scalable, parallelizable data engineering, complete with automatic dependency detection.

Through these capabilities, Hitachi Solutions Empower Data Platform enables organizations to transform their raw data into meaningful information driving smarter, data-driven decisions.

Publishing: Disseminating Data to Meet Reporting and Analytical Needs

The final phase of data automation is publishing – the dissemination of processed, analyzed data to various destinations, ensuring that the right information is accessible to the right users when they need it. Empower makes it easy to publish data for reporting, consumption in systems like Dynamics, SQL Server, or even porting your data into file formats for file share systems like SFTP.

Highlights of the Empower Data Platform’s publishing capabilities are:

  1. Flexible Output Formats: Empower Data Platform supports a wide range of output formats, including reports, dashboards, APIs, and file formats like CSV, parquet, and more.
  2. Multi-data Target Support: The platform integrates effortlessly with various reporting and analytics tools, including Dynamics, SQL Server, and popular tools like Power BI.
  3. Configurable data pipelines: Empower allows organizations to configure their publishing flows to match their requirements, ensuring data is published in the most suitable manner, at whatever cadence they need.

By providing seamless data publishing capabilities, Hitachi Solutions Empower Data Platform ensures that key insights are readily available to stakeholders across the organization, fostering a data-driven culture that enables informed decision-making.

With Hitachi Solutions Empower Data Platform, your organization can streamline data processes, drive operational efficiency, and make strategic decisions that lead to long-term success. Click here to learn more about Empower Data Platform and to watch more short format demos like the one included in this blog.