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Develop a future-proof digital customer service strategy to accommodate consumers’ changing needs

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Customer Service in the CPG Industry

The modern consumer packaged goods customer experience is vastly different than it once was. Where in the past, CPG firms were focused on B2B sales and only had to worry about delighting retailers, today, a growing number of CPG brands have direct-to-consumer sales channels. While this shift has introduced new opportunities for growth and increased firms’ access to consumer data, it also means they must provide customer service on two very distinct fronts — and across multiple physical and digital channels. The increasing popularity of remote work adds a new wrinkle, challenging CPG firms to manage and support remote call center team members.

Understanding CPG Firms’ In-Person & Digital Customer Service Needs

In order to consistently deliver quality customer service to both retailers and end consumers, CPG brands require a full-service platform designed to support both in-person and digital customer service.

Such a platform should:

  • Unify customer data from multiple different systems and create a consolidated, 360-degree view of each end consumer, so that live agents can easily review relevant details and service history, quickly answer customer questions, and enhance productivity
  • Offer round-the-clock self-service functionality, so that both retail customers and end consumers alike can review product documentation, place orders, track shipments, monitor the status of open service requests, and more, all from the device of their choosing
  • Leverage the latest in digital customer service technology, including artificially intelligent chatbots capable of answering basic questions and resolving low-level issues
  • Automatically escalate issues that exceed self-service portal and chatbot capabilities to a live agent
  • Enable customer service representatives to easily access account information for specific B2B clients, including demand forecasts, merchandise planning, purchase histories, strategic roadmaps, and more
  • Empower service representatives to recognize upsell and cross-sell opportunities and notify sales teams through the appropriate channels
  • Help CPG firms support remote teams by equipping them with the tools they need and gain visibility into remote productivity by tracking the right call routing, handling, and resolution metrics

How Hitachi Solutions Improved CPG Digital Customer Service

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The Journey to High-performance Customer Service

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Customer service in CPG and Retail is continually evolving. Companies are constantly looking for ways to make customer service a positive interaction, strengthen customer loyalty, and increase sales. They are continually seeking to elevate customer engagement and tweak processes for better results. Let Hitachi Solutions help your organization. Download our eBook today!

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