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Keep equipment in good working order and production on track with the right asset and facilities maintenance solutions

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The State of Field Service in the CPG Industry

As the head of a CPG firm, the continued success of your business is largely dependent on your production facilities’ ability to meet retail and consumer demand. Few things threaten production more than unexpected equipment downtime. In order to ensure that assembly lines remain up and running and that goods are sent out the door on schedule, you need a field service management solution — one capable of providing a holistic view of your assets and facilities and leveraging the latest technologies to anticipate and eliminate problems before they have the chance to halt production.

Understanding CPG Firms’ In-Person & Digital Customer Service Needs

In an increasingly competitive market, CPG brands can’t afford to be down for the count — which is why real-time equipment monitoring and predictive maintenance are more important than ever before. When comparing field service management solutions for your CPG firm, it’s essential to look for a full-service platform that empowers you to:

  • Gain a 360-degree view of all assets and equipment across all production facilities and warehouses
  • Monitor equipment performance in real time and flag abnormal behavior for predictive maintenance
  • Administer proactive maintenance and repairs to ensure continuous uptime
  • Develop a more granular understanding of equipment usage and performance over time
  • Schedule and manage appointments for direct-to-consumer (DTC) home deliveries
  • Maintain detailed records of serialized products and products under warranty and make them easily accessible to service technicians

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Skills, certifications, and experience

With over 10 years of experience serving brands in the CPG industry and nearly 20 years working with the full Microsoft stack, Hitachi Solutions has the right combination of industry and technical expertise to help your firm develop and execute a comprehensive production and operations management strategy.

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5 Ways to Put Your Customers First

Learn how the right field service management solutions can enhance your customers’ experience.

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