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Take Your Analytics Game to a Whole New Level with Hitachi Solutions Empower Data Platform

The Perfect Gameplan for Fan Insights

Using fan data is a bit like building a pro sports team. You need leadership with a vision and the right assembly of components to get a winning combination.

At Hitachi Solutions, we’ve created a powerful platform that lets you take full control of your fan data, supporting hundreds of sources in near-real time, where you can utilize them for insights that bring you closer to your fans than a front-row seat.

Take Control of Your Data for Richer Fan Experiences

Right now, you’re likely struggling to access your data spread across SaaS tools – and more likely than not you aren’t able to combine your data into a single view at the frequency and cost that you would like. You want to know how your business is performing just as fast as you see a play on the field!  These are traditionally significant engineering challenges, but they need not be with the tooling we can put in the hands of your IT team.

No longer do you need to spend millions to steam the data you need to understand your fans and create opportunities to engage them at levels deeper than a center field homerun.

Hitachi Solutions Empower Data Platform combines over 200 data sources onto a single platform, and we have strong relationships with Eloqua, Ticketmaster, StubHub, Rover, Retail Pro, and more, to ensure you’re getting the data you need most. We eliminate your barriers to data and knock down silos like a blitzing middle linebacker. And we get you usable data week one.  


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The X’s and O’s for Fan Insights: Fan Data Uses

Improve Advertising Revenue – With richer data, you’ll know exactly who was at the game, their purchase history at the game, and what parts of the stadium they traveled. Having these kinds of insights can help you focus sponsor targeting and authentic engagement in and out of the stadium.

Tailor Offers – When your fans aren’t at the game, you can engage them further with in-app offerings, targeted content, and marketing they’ll connect with. If you know which items, offers, or player memorabilia are selling well, support it even further with content for social media that targets them with more of it.

Better Retail Sales – With insights into your in-stadium retail, you can improve your selection of fan goods to improve sales.

Revenue Per Fan – Know exactly how much revenue you’re driving, what demographics are thriving and which need more support, and which sponsors are clicking with your audience so you can prove the return on investment for sponsors.

Your Gateway to Fan Insights: The Kinds of Data We Deliver

With a central access point to all your data streams, you’ll get easy access to insights on:

  • Ticket Sales – Know where people bought tickets, resale value verse box office, ticket margins, and which marketing campaigns or promotions were most effective in driving ticket sales.
  • Retail Sales – We give you insights on which items were bought, where they were bought, which jerseys and hats were the most popular, which souvenirs aren’t selling, and more.
  • Content – What types of content or social media posts generate the highest fan interaction and engagement.

How We’re Hitting Data Out of the Park

Learn more about how the Empower Data Platform, the tech behind it, and how we’re driving Microsoft Fabric Adoption.

Personalization drives performance and better customer outcomes. Companies that grow faster drive 40 percent more of their revenue from personalization than their slower-growing counterparts.

Why Make the Change?

Companies that are great at customer intimacy generate more revenue growth than their peers. The closer you are to the fans, the bigger the gains.

According to McKinsey, companies that excel at personalization generate 40 percent more revenue compared to slower adopters. And research shows that seven in ten consumers expect companies to deliver personalized interactions. Your fans want this kind of experience, and it can only be generated with data.

Data is critical to driving your business outcomes, but it’s complex. That’s why we created Empower – to streamline and rapidly centralize your data sources in a matter of days onto a single cloud platform. We wrangle your varied data. From there, it can manifest intelligence your teams utilize to make better fan experiences that drive revenue and growth.

We’ve Got Your Ticket to Fan Data

See how Hitachi Solutions can transform your fan data into actionable intelligence with the Empower Data Platform.

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