Cloud Enablement

Accelerate your transition to Azure cloud


What is it?

Challenged with access to data, integrations, end-of-life support, performance degradation, and increased security and compliance risks caused by old and outdated business systems? Modernize your application and data environments to address these challenges and understand the many benefits of taking this important step.

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The Value:

  • Eliminated legacy systems
  • Aligns with industry standards and best practices
  • Unlocks valuable data assets enabling cloud scale analytics

The Proof:

  • De-risking complex upgrades and migrations
  • Cloud economies of scale
  • Elimination of high-cost legacy environments

The Outcomes:

  • Enhanced customer agility
  • Improved compliance, controls, and security
  • Enhanced performance and integration

Deploying Blueprints via Azure DevOps Pipeline

This session will provide a brief overview of what Azure Blueprints are and how they can help your organization to scale your cloud footprint quickly and maintain compliance. The demo will include deployment of an Azure Blueprint through the Azure portal and through Azure DevOps.