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Stay on track and innovative in a work-anywhere world

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What is Virtual Connection?

A new digital world is emerging that compels us to rethink the way we work. It gives rise to a new normal: the virtual workplace. Now, more than ever, transitioning and supporting a remote model is critical to ensuring employees stay productive, delivering business continuity to customers, and constantly innovating.

Our Virtual Connection program enables people with the right tools, technology, and training to collaborate, learn, and create wherever they please—giving your employees and customers flexibility in their personal and professional lives and keeping your business on track during times of digital evolution.

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Connect Employees

Although more and more companies support a remote workforce, your company does not. You’ve thought about the flexibility and cost benefits of a work-at-home model, but some systems and processes are managed onsite. And frankly, until recently, enabling a mobile workforce was not a high priority for your business.

However, current global events are forcing your hand and compelling you to get employees out of the office and working safely from home—and fast. Not only to protect their health and keep the lights on, but to ensure business continuity to your customers during this crucial time.

An accelerated plan to enable a remote workforce is doable, but there are many things to consider—from infrastructure to security to employee productivity and more. Do you have the in-house resources to rapidly transition your traditional onsite business to a modern virtual workplace?

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Collaborate Virtually

Even prior to current global events, your employees were geographically dispersed, with more and more working remotely. So you’ve experienced the cost and logistical challenges of trying to focus remote teams—whether you’re putting out fires, kicking off a new project, or innovating for the future.

Hitachi Solutions would love to help. Our remote problem framing and design sprint workshops create collaborative virtual working sessions designed to help you rapidly identify and solve your company’s biggest challenges, test new ideas or products, greatly reduce risk upfront, and realize immediate outcomes before implementation begins.

Our certified facilitators are skilled at driving clarity and critical alignment so you can quickly achieve a shared vision and solid goals—no matter the project. Their field-tested tools and techniques are designed to unpack complexity, simplify focus, and foster agility and collaboration. As a result, your employees are empowered to be more productive right now. And they walk away with practical and applicable giveaways to make them more successful in the future.

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Secure and Proctect your Business Systems

With more employees working virtually, you face increasingly difficult challenges to adequately protect company assets while maintaining an accessible and transparent work environment. Access to data, shared devices, and employees new to the remote model all pose serious risks to your security architecture.

These unprecedented challenges are compelling you to address your current security protocols and solutions. Are your employees now using personal devices to complete tasks? Can they easily access data without exposing critical information?

You need an adaptive security and compliance solution that promotes remote expansion without improperly exposing your data. That’s where Hitachi Solutions comes in. Our team can help identify gaps in your security architecture, reduce at-risk surface area, improve the accuracy of threat alerting, automate manually intensive security tasks, and reduce cost.

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Virtual Support for your Customers

Remote support is not simply about mitigating problems; it’s an opportunity to build stronger customer relationships by adding important value through service. However, with current global events accelerating a cross-industry shift toward a remote workforce, service organizations also need to adapt and re-think how to deliver remote customer service excellence.

But finding the right technology to enable a remote service workforce can be a challenge. Virtual assistance technology must empower field technicians with greater productivity, safety, and effectiveness. In addition, these benefits must translate to the organization in terms of increased efficiency, reduced costs, and improved customer satisfaction.

Hitachi Solutions can help. Leveraging Microsoft’s Remote Assist and Teams technology, we help service organizations create real-time collaboration, knowledge sharing, and remote assistance capabilities between essential front-line technicians and office support.

How we compete

We have the experience, breadth, and capability to ensure your workforce, customers, and trading partners remain connected during this time of rapid change. From planning and strategy to 24/7 support, we help employees be as productive virtually as they are in the office or at a customer site.

Most of our employees work remotely so we have the hands-on experience, expertise, and methodology to support your journey​. Our seasoned consultants can quickly evaluate your environment, determine requirements, and develop a high-level strategy for transition.​ We do the hard part, so you can continue to focus on running your business.

Products we love

Turn ideas into solutions with services to build, deploy, and manage applications—in the cloud, onprem, and at the edge—using the tools and frameworks of your choice.


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