How to Build a Low-code Toolbox

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Power Platform Insights: How to Build Your Toolbox of Low Code Business Solutions

For Power Platform makers, bringing the right tool to the job with the right people & process in place is key for better business outcomes.

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It’s 2023 and companies are still navigating unprecedented change. They are trying to do more with less and get the most value from the technology they have. But IT resources and budgets remain tight, and demand for apps that increase efficiency, productivity, and visibility is skyrocketing.

This has led to a rise in the popularity of low-code development. With low code, a company’s business users are able to leverage tools like Microsoft Power Platform to innovate without IT — automating tasks, streamlining processes, and creating solutions for their unique business challenges.

And it’s working! According to Forrester Consulting, Power Platform is helping to drive business transformation by reducing development costs and increasing productivity. Check out these stats:

  • 188% — ROI over three years
  • 74% — reduction in app development costs over traditional coding services
  • 3.2 hours — line-of-business employee productivity improvement per week

Must-have insights for low-code success

We know companies can be hesitant to change, and that IT departments still need to be involved in development activities. That is why we sat down with our tech hub of Power Platform experts and asked them how companies can jumpstart their low-code initiatives.

View the on-demand webinar, Power Platform Insights: How to Build Your Toolbox of Low-code Business Solutions, to hear directly from our rapid solutions development (RSD) team as they give advice for modernizing with Power Platform. Listen in and learn:

  • How to get started. You’ll hear from the experts what you need to create, organize, and manage your low-code toolbox — including the technology, process, and mental tools you need to implement for success. You’ll also gain ideas to help you start your journey and begin innovating and building low-code apps and automations with confidence.
  • Tips and tricks. Our experts have helped hundreds of customers get up to speed with Power Platform. Tune in as they impart knowledge on how to ensure a solid foundation for success through planning, governance, education, and use cases. You’ll also learn helpful ways to prioritize business challenges, app migration, and app creation.
  • Lessons learned. Our panel discusses real-world lessons learned from past projects and ideas for cost-effectively accelerating and scaling your low-code initiatives. One is our Digital Factory offer. With Digital Factory, Hitachi Solutions assesses your application needs, prioritizes and defines roadmaps, and assigns a custom team to work with you to complete your backlog — all within your schedule and budget.

Next Steps

These are just the highlights delivered in the Power Platform Insights: How to Build Your Toolbox of Low-code Business Solutions webinar. To discover even more about the Power Platform and Digital Factory, and how they help you modernize and meet the new speed of business, be sure and view the on-demand event at your convenience.

As a strategic Microsoft partner for nearly 20 years, Hitachi Solutions brings deep industry, technology, and advisory expertise to create integrated solutions leveraging Microsoft Dynamics 365, Azure, Power Platform, Teams, and more for our customers. We also incorporate our own Empower data and analytics platform to help our customers be truly agile and resilient and provide visibility across all data sources.

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