RAGs to Data Riches, a 2024 Databricks Data & AI Summit Preview with Dr. Michael Green

Want to go from RAGs to data riches?  

Many enterprises are at the crossroads of data modernization and the age of AI, but few are leveraging either to their maximum potential.  

In this episode of EXCHANGES, a podcast by Hitachi Solutions, you’ll dive into a discussion with Dr. Michael Green, data scientist and product manager for the Lumada Empower Data Platform,  about his upcoming session at the Databricks Data & AI Summit, June 10-13, titled “RAGs to Data Riches: Talk to Your Enterprise Data.”  

Michael shares his insights on the intersection of AI and data management, and the role of Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG). With a focus on the complexities of integrating AI within enterprise data strategies, including security and governance, this episode offers valuable knowledge for data practitioners looking to push the envelope of AI in their businesses.  

You’ll also hear about Hitachi Solutions’ innovative approaches to using Databricks and Microsoft technology, along with a sneak peek into his anticipated presentation at the Summit, which you can learn more about here.  

Don’t miss the blend of expert knowledge and practical advice that could transform your data and AI journey.  

You can also join Michael in an upcoming webinar with Microsoft and Databricks called “Data is Your Foundation for Successful AI Initiatives.” 

In this webinar, industry and technology leaders discuss Hitachi Solutions approach to data and AI, and how Hitachi Solutions lays the groundwork for your data foundation – enhanced by expansive cloud capabilities of Microsoft Azure, Fabric, and the robust architecture of Databricks. 

Click here to register for this event, Thursday June 6th from 2-3 PM ET.