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Hitachi Solutions truly believes in the power of collective intelligence to lead customers on a path to success. It’s the reason we’re dedicated to Microsoft for more than 20 years, and the reason we also celebrate and leverage our relationship with Databricks to solution for our customers.

Hitachi Solutions is an award-winning partner of Databricks, a leader in the AI and data space. We utilize Databricks technology in many of our services and products because it empowers us to solve problems for our customers in new and innovative ways, utilizing the latest technology.

[Opposite — Hitachi Solutions leaders recieve the 2023 Disruptor Partner of the Year award at the Databricks Data & AI Summit]

How We Partner with Databricks & Microsoft

The Power of Unity

Microsoft technologies and Databricks unite to offer a robust and scalable platform, enhancing analytics and machine learning capabilities. Their combined strengths offer a secure, flexible, and integrated environment, optimizing resource utilization and fostering seamless collaboration for data scientists and engineers. Hitachi Solutions’ expertise across the Microsoft and Databricks stack allows our team of data & AI experts to seamlessly leverage these capabilities for customers’ modernization and migration efforts.

Hitachi Solutions leverages Databricks for its foundational strength in data science and machine learning applications. Utilizing the Lakehouse design, it delivers richer, faster, cost-effective results. SQL warehousing, data science, machine learning, and streaming are far more manageable and inexpensive with Databricks Lakehouse and the open Delta Lake format, driving ROI for our customers. This unified approach simplifies modern data stacks by eliminating data silos that separate and complicate data engineering, analytics, BI, data science and machine learning.

Every day at Hitachi Solutions, we witness the power of partnership in action as Microsoft and Databricks combine their strengths to tackle complex business and industry-specific challenges. It’s inspiring to see how the synergy of these two technological giants enables us to deliver impactful, tailored solutions that drive real results for our customers.

Cary Holley
Hitachi Solutions Vice President, Data & Analytics

Get a Glimpse of Some of the Expert Subject Matter for This Year’s Data & AI Summit!

Join us in this edition of EXCHANGES as Lumada Empower Data Platform Product Manager, Dr Michael Green, gives some insight to his upcoming Databricks Data & AI Summit, June 10-13, session titled “RAGS to Data Riches.”

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Accelerate Your Lakehouse Adoption

Not only do companies need to detangle their mess of data sources, they need the insights within that data – and they needed it yesterday. Competition is fierce, and data is the key to unlocking the insights companies need now to safeguard their futures.

Lumada Empower Data Platform is an award-winning Databricks solution, and because of our speed to value, is now recognized as a Databricks Brickbuilder Accelerator solution. The Brickbuilder Program pairs the expertise of partners like Hitachi Solutions with proven frameworks and solutions. Brickbuilder Accelerators solve critical analytics challenges, reduce costs, and enhance productivity as quickly and with as little friction as possible. Empower is a Lakehouse Accelerator, developed to help customers of all sizes and industries set up and hydrate their Databricks Lakehouse Platform in days, not months.

  • Customers get a complete data estate in 7 days (with multiple secure environments) with full ownership of your data, your models, and your ML solutions: in your tenant.
  • Empower’s optimized pipelines save customers an average of 55% on labor costs associated with project development. Savings continue to grow as more workloads are moved to operations.
  • Hitachi Solutions is the largest implementer of Dynamics D365, and our Empower for Dynamics package allows streaming access to Dynamics 365 data, with writeback support allowing advanced workflows.
  • When changes occur in your source – like new columns and objects – they are automatically ingested with no manual action required, so you get analytical insights with less manpower.
  • All Empower-ingested data are securely managed with Unity Catalog Day 1 to define access and governance rules.
  • Empower provides additional compatibility with Dataverse and other Microsoft Tooling allowing customers to worry less about tools and get to work understanding their business and the data it produces.

Gain a complete understanding of your modern data estate

Hitachi Solutions’ workshop-based assessment will introduce your organization to the cloud-based capabilities that are available so you can capitalize on the true business value of data. If you are considering modernizing your legacy data platform to one that leverages native Azure services, this offer is for you.

Our data solutions experts will work with you to identify your current data estate, define the future state, and determine the best path forward for your organization.

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