Offer: Protecting Sensitive Data

Starting at $25,000 USD

Offer: Protecting Sensitive Data

Address compliance risks head-on

The Protecting Sensitive Data Workshop will introduce you to the cloud-native tools that enable regulatory compliance. Through this workshop, we will identify the tools required for your compliance posture and assess a baseline of data protection upon which to build in the future. Hitachi Solutions’ Discover Sensitive Data Workshop gives you the insights you need to better discover, protect, and govern your corporate data.

Why Act?

  • Identify risks to the business stemming from compliance gaps​
  • Learn how to apply flexible protection actions that include encryption, access restrictions, and visual markings​
  • Understand how to prevent accidental or intentional oversharing of sensitive information​
  • We’ll teach you how to understand, mitigate, and protect against potential compliance risks from dark data


  • Identify high impact privacy and regulatory risks, risky storage locations, content and users. ​
  • Long-term recommendations for your compliance strategy with key initiatives and tactical next steps​
  • Building confidence and mitigating risk through data-driven analytics and visualization​
  • Identifying compliance solutions in Microsoft 365 that reduce privacy and regulatory risks and help meet compliance expectations​
  • Understanding of Microsoft 365 E5 license value

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